10 House Hacks You Can Do To Make Life Easier

Having your own humble abode makes life easy and comfortable. You have the full control over your living space and can decide what your home will look like, making your living peaceful and pleasant. Apart from these factors, many clever hacks are available to help you in making your life easier and cozier. Here are some of the tested house hacks that will surely make your life easier.

Large Living Room - 10 House Hacks You Can Do To Make Life Easier


Chalk for Greasy Stains 

Before washing your clothes with greasy stains, use chalk to enable you in removing such stain quickly.

Car Deodorizers 

Place car deodorizer or dry sheets over your vents to make your room smell nice.

Lemon Juice as Cleaner 

Ditch your chemical cleaner and opt for natural one. Lemon juice is an effective cleaner for silverwares, kitchen sink, and countertops.


Cereal Boxes for an Organized Drawer 

Having too much clothes that it cannot fit into your drawer anymore? Buying a new drawer is not the answer. Old cereal boxes are the solution! Cut the cereal box based on your preference and the size of your drawer. Make sure that the boxes will perfectly fit inside the drawer. Then, place your clothes in each square. Voila! You now have an organized drawer!

Shower Hooks as Scarf Holder 

Having a hard time organizing your bulk of scarf? Worry not! Place some shower hooks (depending on the number of scarf you have) in a hanger then put your scarves in the hole of each shower hooks. With this, you can now choose what scarf you will choose with ease.


Having tons of bottles at home? Don’t throw it right away! Here are some of the crafts you can make using an old bottle.

Bottle as Picture Frame 

Clean and remove the label of the bottle then let it dry. Place your preferred picture inside the bottle and display it upside down in your desk or side table.

Bottle as Table Centerpiece 

Clean your bottle with soap and then let it dry. Pour water and put flower inside the bottle then display it in your table to have a simple and unique centerpiece.


Shoe Organizer as Storage for Food 

Did you know that the plastic shoe organizer does not only make your shoes organize but your food as well? A crystal clear over the door hanging shoe organizer is an efficient storage of various pantry food. Just hang it up over your door and fill it up with your various snacks, such as bread and biscuit. Moreover, this kind of shoe organizer makes an efficient storage for toiletries, such as shampoo and lotion. Just hang it up over your bathroom door.

Shower Caddy as School Supplies 

Make your small school supplies clean and organize by placing it in a shower caddy. Drill a hole in your preferred area and hang the shower caddy on it.

Different house hacks are definitely useful in dealing with everyday cleaning and organizing of your home. Follow these various DIY projects at home mentioned above that will surely make your everyday life easier.

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