10 Ideas to Customize Fireplace Mantels

Fireplace an awesome place of winters. The cold chills in the winters make you long for some comforting warmth. The fireplace is the perfect place for this warmth. It has now become immensely popular these days in modern architectures and is a perfect royal way to spend your winters. Along with the comfort of warmth, it also decorates your house. The addition of fireplace changes the whole look of your living room.

Fireplace - 10 Ideas to Customize Fireplace Mantels

Customize Your Fireplace Mantel in Your Own Way

The look that the fireplace creates has a lot to do with the mantel that is kept above the place. From a comforting look to antique, it creates an ambiance in your room which you always wished to have to create the coziness. Custom fireplace mantels are the perfect example of turning your imagination into a reality. Well, here are some ideas for your fireplace mantels if you are too confused about what to do.

  • Let us start with comforting mantels as winter demands that. A local painted scene with lots of green is sure to make the environment cozy. If you live in a place where there is cold almost all the time, then this is the right mantel choice for you. You can go for the custom painting of scenery of your choice as well.
  • If you are a lover of olden times, then an antique fireplace mantel is the one which will suit your mood the best. The 19th-century relic mantel pieces will give you that inspiration in the room.
  • If your fireplace is located in the hallway, then a simple touch to the mantel with class is what you need to shift all the focus to it. A painting by a famous painter will do the trick.
  • A traditional fireplace mantel with a slight blend of modernity will beautifully decorate your room. You can customize your traditional mantel in a way you want. This one would add quite some elegance to your living room.
  • For a calm look to your living room, go for formal symmetry arrangements. Asymmetrical ones are quite tough to pull off but formal ones give a balanced look. It also adds a sense of cleanliness as well as neatness. Thus, a person with discipline would love this kind of mantelpiece. You can customize it in your own way by changing the pieces keeping the symmetry intact.
  • Cheerful mantel idea would break the dullness of the winter and add some colors to your cold weather. An extremely pop colored painting which contrasts the fireplace color along with a small vase of bright flowers on one side is what you need for the winter warmth. We love to call it a focal point fireplace mantel.
  • A unique fireplace mantel idea would be no mantel at all. Rich natural textured such as stone or brick high walls that cover the whole fireplace from bottom to the top is not only a very refreshing idea but also very flexible. It can easily adapt to any kind of home and makes the place inviting and comfortable in its appeal.
  • Go green mantel idea is where we suggest keeping small decorative plants on the top of the fireplace. It helps you feel the nature which has been covered in snow and adds an extra warmth which everyone would love.
  • A large window on the top of the fireplace would flood your living room with the light from outside be it the sunlight or the moonlight.
  • Contemporary mantels suit the modern houses well. An abstract art on the wall only in a concentrated area will add a whole new dimension.

If you still looking for more information then find it over the internet, you will get to know much more things which help you to take the right decision.

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