14 Design Tips for Elegant Kitchen Remodeling that You’ll Love

A home is where your heart is and heart is where your kitchen is. This is my own rendition to express the love for the heart of our homes, our kitchens. The love needs expression so does in the case of our kitchen décor.

Kitchen Design - 14 Design Tips for Elegant Kitchen Remodeling that You'll Love

It becomes a bit confusing for most for us when it comes to design a new kitchen or remodel an older one. The most common reason is the options we are bombarded with! The beautiful kitchen you saw on an online post might be too expensive for your budget or it just doesn’t go with your kitchen design.

Here you will find 14 kitchen remodeling tips which can fit nearly in every kitchen and doesn’t cost you an arm and leg. Happy new kitchen and the happy moments within!


1.    Bring Green Plants In

Whatever the design of your kitchen might be, bring in nature. The green plants not just brighten up the interiors but cleanse the kitchen air in a most inexpensive manner possible. You can add hanging pots with plants such as English Ivy, Aloe Vera, Aluminum Plant or White Jasmine.

2.    Add A Mexican Tile Wall

The handmade Mexican tiles have found their way in the mainstream home renovation industry. The beautiful, unique, and bold colors are amazing additions. They are used to blend in the dark and light shades to create a traditional and warm look.

3.    Painted Kitchen Floors

Paints are fun. Why not use paints to liven up the floors? It is an affordable way to brighten up the interiors in a unique manner. Imagine a floor splashed with a lively yellow hue with white kitchen walls. It instantly urges one to get in the kitchen and cheer!

4.    Cast The Spell Of Interior Glass

A bigger kitchen with glass walls is a new trend. The dining room can be separated with framed glass doors to instill a dramatic effect. The ease of access and elegance is cherished by kitchen designers and users equally.

5.    Add Lacquer Cabinetry

Why limit glamour just to your wardrobe? A glossy and glamorous lacquer coat on kitchen cabinet adds a bold whimsical touch to your kitchen. A deep and robust shade of red, reminiscent of wine, is a classic choice for glossy cabinetry.

6.    Paint An Accent Wall

Accent walls let your imagination play wild. Who said color pops could only be used in the living or bedrooms? Choose your favorite color pop for painting an accent wall. It lets you add your personal touch to the kitchen. Shades of periwinkle blue are my personal favorite.

7.    Open Shelving Is The New Hot

Home experts severe that 2019 will see a lot of open shelving. The design has reached the personal kitchens from the hotels and bars. Open shelves provide you with a lot of space and lets you get bold with your choices.

8.    Let A Brick Wall Peep

Everything does not need to be picture perfect. Yeah, you read that right. Leaving a patch of brick wall peeping gives a raw and real look to a kitchen. The original architectural details instill a laid-back feel to the kitchen and keep it grounded.

9.    Insert Pattern Backsplash

Get your creative juices flowing with the backsplash? An amazing tip for your backsplash is to add bold colored hexagonal tiles. The geometrical structures arranged in a not-so-organized manner lets you design an appealing wall. Use dark colors to compliment your cabinets.

10.    Use Trendy Lights

Appropriately lighted kitchen is what everybody cherishes. The hanging pendant lights over your kitchen light is an amazing idea to start with. You can renovate the upbeat lamps lying in your storage. Narrow long cylindrical pendants and sconces are the for you if love “unique”.

11.    Paint It, Black!

Whites have been in the tradition for too long, don’t you agree? Splash the kitchen with matte black color. Use gold colored materials to cover the bottom of overhead kitchen cabinets for a chic look.

12.    Spread A Round Rug

Area rugs are fancy and comfy home décor items. Instead of opting for the conventional rectangular rugs, go for a round rug. You have to be careful with water spills but it is totally worth it.

13.    Get Creative With Kitchen Island

Add extensions to the kitchen islands for adding up usable space in your kitchen. Fancy folding is also used to add a magical touch to the ordinary islands. Or just to break the trend, forget the kitchen island. Use a piece of chic furniture.

14.    Show Off The Glassware

A dedicated kitchen lover generally spends hundreds of dollars in glassware. Why keep it inside the cabinets? In your next home remodeling project, add floating shelves to show off your amazing glassware for a whimsical touch!


Final Words:

Kitchen remodeling is a daunting task. Instead of doing it on your own, it is highly advised to hire a professional kitchen remodeling company and transform it into a piece of art; thus, making it more comfortable and functional.


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