3 Home Organizational Disaster Areas and How to Help

One of the major trends for homeowners to address in the early months of the year is to address problem areas of the home which remain unorganized. Working on organizing a home is a difficult practice to undertake but a few tips to make the process easier can move the process forward quickly and efficiently.

Kitchen - 3 Home Organizational Disaster Areas and How to Help


The kitchen is referred to as the heart of any home and is a place where families gather to discuss their day, prepare food, and more. However, kitchens can quickly turn into a disorganized mess when drawers are filled with junk and food is carelessly tossed in storage areas and refrigerators. Kitchen cupboards are one of the most difficult areas to organize as cans, boxes, and containers can be hidden at the rear of a storage area, unreachable without assistance.

Adding assigned spots, clear plastic containers, and labels for cereals, rice, flour, and other commonly used household items can ease these problem areas and make sure everything has a specific spot. A refrigerator is a difficult area to organize but knowing which foods should be stored in it can make all the difference. Using plastic containers and labels for storage in refrigerators and freezers—just like in pantries and dry food storage areas—eases the burden of storing so many food varieties of different sizes.

Closet Space

Closets often become places where clothes, luggage, shoes, and various valuables are stored haphazardly. The limited space available in most closets often brings with it the issue of how to deal with organizing this important space for all residents of a property. The first step to take is to break the organizational option down into manageable tasks, such as shoes one day and clothing another. To make storage easier, shoe boxes can be kept and used to store shoes on shelves with ease. As far as clothes are concerned, organizing by season or occasion is a good option. To get rid of excess clothing, removing damaged or aging clothing is an easy step to take.


One of the most important areas of any home is the garage which allows the homeowner a safe and secure storage area. However, it’s easy to start throwing things in the garage and just forgetting about them. The clutter builds up and suddenly your space is a room full of junk. Adding an old chest of drawers or reusing old school lockers for each member of a family to have a personal storage space is a good option to undertake when organizing. A sturdy set of shelves and several totes and crates are also a good option to help organize. Additionally, be sure to invest in the best garage door set up for you. Easy in and out of your garage will help you use the space to its fullest potential. Make sure it’s secure, strong, and stylish.

The key to any organizational project is to break it down into small, easy to manage tasks. One of the main ways of organizing is to ensure the most important and often used items in any home are available at all times to make life as simple as possible. The aim of organizing is to make life easier and remove some of the stress and anxiety associated with a messy household. Invest in the best supplies like shelving, garage doors, boxes and totes, containers, and labels, and get to work!

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