3 Steps to a Tidy Bathroom

Clutter: It’s a nightmare and can make your home feel small and overcrowded, especially when it accumulates in the bathroom. Although a tidy, organised bathroom might seem impossible, we have some great tips to help you take control of your home.

Bathroom Cabinet

Invest in a bathroom cabinet

The first thing you need to do is find a home for all of the clutter. The best way to do this is to install a new cabinet . This might seem to make your bathroom feel more crowded at first, but if you pick a cabinet that fits neatly under the sink or a mirrored cabinet for the wall, you can make use of lost space.

There are hundreds of different cabinet designs available on the market too, so you can tailor your storage to the style of your bathroom.

Have a clear out

Before you start piling all of your clutter into the cupboard, take stock for a moment. Look carefully at each product before placing it into storage – make sure that the bottle isn’t empty, the product is in date and that you actually like it first. You might be surprised by just how much you throw away!

And be really ruthless – if you want to really see a difference, you should start afresh and dispose of anything you don’t need.

Next, try organising like with like – for example, keep shampoos and conditioners in the same place, toothpaste with toothbrushes. This will save you time in future, because you know exactly where everything is in your bathroom.

Finishing touches

To make sure that you keep your bathroom tidy, make sure that you really love the way that it looks now. Some well-chosen accessories will finish the space perfectly; a bamboo plant, or candles can add character and warmth to the bathroom. These will really enhance the amount of space saved by installing a cabinet.

If you find that your bathroom is still untidy, add a linen basket or other, smaller, decorative, storage solutions for cosmetics and small products.

Perfectly tidy bathrooms with character are not just a dream. Carefully follow these three steps, and you won’t want to get out of the bath!

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