3 Things to Have for a Power Outage

Storms and other conditions sometimes cause a power outage. While it might be fun for the kids to get a day off of school if there is no electricity, the fun quickly wears off. If the power outage lasts for a short time, it might only be a minor inconvenience, but after several hours, it can become a bigger problem. There are three things you should make sure you have so your family will be more comfortable and safer during a power outage.

Home at night

Flashlights and/or Candles

You will want a light source if your electricity goes out, especially if it is dark. While candles work as a light source, they are often a little less convenient than flashlights, and they can cause a fire danger, particularly if you have small children. If you choose candles as your light source, make sure you have matches or a lighter handy. It can be hard to find them in the dark if you have no idea where you last put them. 

If you choose to use flashlights, store them in a convenient location. If they are battery-powered, make sure they always have working batteries, and store back-up batteries in a convenient location. Windup flashlights, shake flashlights, and even glow sticks are also useful during a power outage, and they do not require batteries.


Back-up generators, such as Kohler home generators, will allow you to continue to use electricity-powered devices in your home, even if the electricity goes out. While they are not something you want to use on a regular basis, they will provide you with your needed electricity for several hours or even a few days at a time.

Alternate Heating Source 

If the power is going to be out for an extended period of time, you may need an alternate heating source, particularly during the winter. A wood-burning stove is one alternate heating source. Many emergency preparedness websites will give you other alternate heating options. You may also need an alternate cooking source. If using the source inside, make sure it is safe for indoor use. Otherwise, take the source outside for cooking.

While you may not ever have to use these items during an emergency situation, it is important to make sure you have them. Be sure to check all three regularly to make sure they are in proper working order.

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