3 Trendy Home Improvements for 2017

With everybody using social media 24/7, when somebody finds something that looks good, it goes viral and then everybody has it. I’m sure that you can think of an example for yourself where that has happened recently. The same applies to a lot of things whether it be your own PA (Amazon Echo) or home improvements. In 2017, there has been some major trends appearing that everybody wants to have in their home and this post is to tell you all about the so that you can go and get them too!

Bold Colours Decoration - 3 Trendy Home Improvements for 2017

Bold Colours for Personal Expression:

We’re unsure how this trend started but we love it. One of the biggest ways to improve your home right now is by expressing your personality through the colours that you decorate with. Whilst white has been the predominant colour of walls for years on end now, it looks like vibrant, explosive colours are taking over. No matter what colour you love, decorate your walls with it. Hopefully you have more than one favourite colour however as you do not want to decorate your entire home in one colour!

Whilst we don’t know how this trend started, we do know why it is so popular. People are taking aspects of their own style and decorating their houses with the colours from them styles. One negative to this is the fact that style is constantly changing so you could be redecorating sooner than you think.

It’s not just walls either – people are painting their window frames their favourite colours too. Why not just go crazy and paint your whole house neon orange?

Matte black kitchen worktops, cupboards and appliances

Once again, we’re unsure how the trend actually began but we’re glad it did, matte black is a beautiful kitchen colour. For decades, the favourite ‘kitchen’ colours/materials have been granite, sparkling chrome and shining stainless steel but now people are turning their cheek to this and buying matte finishes instead due to their sleek, stylish and elegant appearance. Matte black really does make your kitchen feel modern and somehow superior to the ‘average’ kitchen.

Surprisingly, matte black has been around as a high-end option for years now but it has progressively moved into the spotlight until suddenly becoming the trendiest recently. Nearly every single manufacturer is using a matte finish on a range of their devices and appliances so we’re sure that this will be mainstream for years to come.

Glitter paint:

Yes, another paint trend. With glitter paint, you either love it or you hate it but it is becoming more and more trendy. Thrust into the mainstream by a small business, all of the big decorating stores are now seeking to emulate the original product. This is literally what it says: glitter paint. You can even paint this glitter over walls that you’ve already painted for a fantastic glitter effect. The glitter itself is available in a huge range of colours so you can truly choose what is best for you.

Becoming more and more popular all the time, thousands of people have used glitter paint in their homes. After glitter paint has become popular, people have started to create products such as glitter grout and sealant too. We love the idea of a glitter house, do you?

We hope that you’ve found our guide to trendy home improvements useful!

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