4 Appliances Everyone Should Have at Home

Setting up a new home or renovating an old one, appliances and the places to keep them is an important consideration. It is best to have the appliances you use a lot within easy reach, for example the coffee machine and the toaster need to be on the counter. The food processor can however be placed in the cabinet or shelf closest to the stove or under your most used counter.

Home Appliances
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However, in some households, a few appliances take the back seat. For example the microwave is used for heating or defrosting; but some people are not comfortable with the rays that come from microwave and use the stove for heating. Here are four appliances without which no house can survive.


Even if you cook occasionally, you need a stove. A kitchen’s existence is meaningless without a stove, unless, you cook on fire and have a fireplace for it. And if you buy take out every day for every meal, the money you spend on buying food for two or three weeks can be used to buy a stove that will be a better investment. You can heat food or cook and bake anything you want. You need to be a chef to cook or bake; all recipes, mixes and semi-pre cooked food come with instructions involving the use of the stove.


This is another essential appliance. Not everyone can go and buy fresh vegetables and meat everyday and besides, it’s a hassle. If you have a refrigerator at home, you can easily store meat and vegetables for days and they will stay fresh. If you have a refrigerator that comes with a freezer, then you can freeze food and take it out and heat them it needed. Moms don’t have to worry about what the kids and the father will eat when they are not home.


Gone are the days when clothes were washed using hands. No modern day female or male has time to hand-wash clothes. A washer is another key appliance that should be in every home. Gather the week’s dirty laundry and load the washer. Within minutes you will have clean clothes. You can keep on adding clothes but remember not to overload the washer. Once the clothes are washed you can put them in the dryer (if you do not have a dryer-washer combo) simply hang them in your backyard for drying.


Hate washing dishes? Buy a dishwasher. Dishwashers are life savers if you have a big family or even a small one. If you like hosting dinner parties often, washing dishes can take up half of the night. However, dishwashers require a lot of water so if you are not willing to pay extra on the water bill it is best to wash dishes with hand.

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