4 Best Saws for Do-It-Yourself Projects

Did you recently purchase your very own fixer-upper? Have you become a pinterest fiend, constantly on the search for the next DIY project? If so, you may need a few of your own tools to utilize at home. One tool many people hesitate to purchase is an electric saw; they tend to feel overwhelmed by the options and uncertain due to the cost investment. Included here you will see a few of the most important saws to purchase for your DIY projects.

Table Saw

Circular Saw

When many people think of a saw to use at home, they picture a circular saw. This kind of saw is very nearly the “one size fits all” of electric saws. They are handheld and very useful when doing any kind of cross-cutting or trimming of raw materials. While you may need a circular saw for some demolition work, think removal of damaged floor boards, it is more likely the top beginner table saws you will use when building something.

There are two kinds of circular saws on the market, the sidewinder and the worm drive. The worm drive is a saw that holds the blade centrally and is front heavy. The sidewinder is typically the lighter of the two and has the blade on one side of the saw.

Reciprocating Saw

If you are going to be doing any kind of demolition in your new-to-you home, you will likely need a saw to take out the old materials. In this kind of instance, a table saw really won’t do you a whole lot of good. The reciprocating saw, or Sawzall, was invented in the 1950’s and is very useful when attempting any kind of home demolition.

Keep in mind, the blades on your recipe saw can be changed depending on what kind of work you are wanting to perform. For any kind of metal rip apart or take down you will need a metal-cutting blade.

Miter Saw

Useful in countless situations, miter saws are perfect for cutting raw materials crosswise. Miter saws usually sit on the ground or a table and are great for cutting molding, trim, framing or chair rails. A miter saw may not be as portable as a circular saw but is handy in that there is no need for saw horses when this saw is in use.

Portable Table Saw

While the most dedicated of carpenters will likely have their very own table saw in their work space, for the casual DIYer, all you will need is the smaller more portable version. Portable table saws are ideal for cutting the length of planks in a process called “ripping.” Table saws are incredibly accurate at cutting boards to the ideal width and thickness. Many people use table saws when performing projects involving tongue-and-groove materials like flooring or paneling.

You can also search the internet for getting the information about the most important saws to purchase in order to complete your DIY projects.

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