4 Different Solar Systems Electricians Can Install

Even though many people think of solar power systems as complex and futuristic, they actually operate following basic principles of physics. While plants have been converting sunlight into energy for millions of years, it is only now that safe, reliable solar power technology exists for people. With no moving parts, a properly-installed solar panel system can safely produce all the energy a household or business needs.

Solar Panel on roof

Solar panels are composed of photovoltaic (PV) cells and come in two types: silicon and tin-film. Your local solar power systems expert in Adelaide can design one of four different types of systems to suit your needs.

PV Direct

Popular for their simplicity, a panel or array of PV solar panels is arranged to generate maximum power from exposure to the sun. A PV Direct system can only operate when it is receiving direct sunlight, limiting its application to certain closed systems like water pumps, powered signals and ventilation units.

Off Grid

While originally developed for remote and rural areas, complete off-grid systems can be enjoyed anywhere.

Separate from the standard electrical utility (“grid”), an off-grid system provides full power independence. When the sun shines, electrical power is generated by the PV cells and the excess is stored in a battery bank. During cloudy days and at night, the batteries provide smooth, reliable electricity.

Grid with Battery Backup

While still reliant on standard utility sources of electricity (“the grid”), a grid-tied system with battery back-up adds an extra layer of power security to your home supply. Energy is created from solar energy and stored in batteries, but the grid can be tapped for any additional power needs or requirements.

Grid-Tied Without Battery

These solar power system generates electricity from the sun. Any excess energy is then transmitted via the grid to the utility. Homes and businesses can draw primary power from the solar array when it is available but purchase back their earlier excess energy from the grid when necessary.

The experience of a Grid-Tied system without using batteries is almost identical to current on-grid “normal” electricity. The sole difference is that excess solar power is sold to the utility company as a way to offset usage and financial outlay during other periods. Without a battery bank, no offline power will be available during outages meaning that problems with the grid will negatively impact your home or business.

With recent advancements, solar panel power systems have become reliable, safe alternatives to traditional sources of household and commercial energy. With attractive pricing and affordable equipment costs, implementing a solar system in your home or business is a smart choice for most property owners. Installing and choosing the right system can be a challenge, so consult with an expert.

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