4 Essential Home Repairs You Might Overlook

It’s easy to stay on top of the obvious repairs that need to be done around your home, but there are other things that might need repairing that aren’t always so noticeable. Learning how to recognize these problems that are often overlooked can help you keep your home intact and save you a lot of money on even costlier repairs in the future. Here are four essential home repairs you might overlook.

Roof - 4 Essential Home Repairs You Might Overlook


The roof on your home may often be overlooked because it’s difficult to see any damage unless you get on top of it with a ladder. Cracks, missing shingles and mold damage are just a few of the problems that could compromise the structure of your roof and put your entire home at risk. Having your roof repaired in a timely manner can save you the trouble and cost of getting a new replacement. If you’re unable to inspect the roof yourself, you can hire a general contractor to perform a detailed inspection so that you can take action if any problems are discovered.


Cracks in your home’s foundation could eventually cause all or part of the bottom of your home to sink into the ground, which can quickly lead to major structural damage. In addition to looking for obvious cracks in the foundation, any bulges in the foundation or outside walls of your home could indicate a problem with the foundation. Your foundation may also need repairing if doors inside your home begin to jam or fail to latch unexpectedly or if cracks over doorways, around windows or where the walls and ceiling meet are noticeable.

Garage Door

It’s obvious that a jammed garage door or a garage door that fails to open and close completely is a sign that repair work needs to be done, but other garage door problems aren’t always so obvious. If you notice that your garage door moves slowly or in jerky motions when opening and closing, a garage door repair may be needed. Squeaking and grinding noises along with unpleasant odors coming from your garage door might be other signs of a problem.

Pest Damage

Many different types of bugs, rodents and other unwelcomed pests can wreak havoc on your home’s structure. Termites can cause major wood damage. Rodents are known to chew through wires and use insulation materials to make their nests. Even birds can cause problems when they get into attics and other spaces that have unsealed openings. It’s best to arrange a pest damage inspection from a professional to determine if any unseen pest damage has occurred.

Addressing all your home’s needed repairs can add years to the life of your abode. By knowing what to check for, you’ll be more empowered to implement solutions that will erase any damage faster. Checking for damage on your roof, in your foundation, damage from pests, or commissioning garage door repair will prevent more expensive repairs in the future.

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