4 Home Storage Tips to Help You Prepare For Winter

There are very few places that are fortunate enough to avoid the frigid, freezing temperatures of the winter months. If you are unlucky enough to have cold winter weather, and especially if you experience harsh winters, you have to be careful and calculated about your belongings, to make sure they are preserved and last through the coldest months of the year. If you’re facing freezing temperatures in the next few months, here are a few of our storage tips to make your life a little easier!

Storage units - 4 Home Storage Tips to Help You Prepare For Winter

Cars and garages

If you have a car that you don’t drive very often, or don’t plan on driving once it starts snowing, make sure that you store it properly so it doesn’t rust or get damaged with all of the precipitation. The best way to do this, is to put your car away in your garage or even a large shed, if that is more convenient for you and the space that you have. To take an extra safety measure, secure a large tarp over the vehicle, to ensure no extra moisture finds its way in.

Food storage

Along with the cold and snow, comes another common pesky problem. Or rather, a pesky pest. You may see more of an appearance of mice during winter. This is because the mice in your area are going to be getting pretty cold, and they’re just looking for someplace warm to ride out the winter months. Bonus points for them if the warm place they find happens to have a lot of loose and unprotected food to keep them happy and well fed all winter long. While that may be great for the mice, it’s not so great for you.

Food storage - 4 Home Storage Tips to Help You Prepare For Winter

Having a rodent problem of any sort can be an absolute nightmare. To avoid attracting mice, make sure that you are storing your food properly! Rodent infestations usually begin during the fall, so now is the time to start making preparations. Don’t have open bags, buckets, or bins of food in your cupboards or food pantries. This is a great time to implement that new pantry organization system that you’ve been meaning to get around to doing. Make sure to throw out any food that is rotten, and all food is sealed away tightly so as to not attract rodents or pests of any kind.

Seasonal summer items

Summer usually comes with plenty of fun outdoor activities. Although there are plenty of fun outdoor activities to participate in during winter, they definitely require a different set of tools and toys. Make sure your summer barbecue grill is covered and securely fastened! Sprinklers, water tables, and inflatable pools should be stored as well, whether in a shed, storage closet, or garage. The goal is to make sure that anything you had fun using and playing with this summer, is put away so it is safe and accessible to use next summer after all the snow has melted and it’s finally warm again.

Winter Time - 4 Home Storage Tips to Help You Prepare For Winter

Storage units

For some people, a storage unit is a great solution for all of those things you don’t know what to do with during winter. Consider your patio furniture. Do you have any plans to protect it from rust or other damage this winter? You probably haven’t even considered it! This winter, to elongate the life of your patio furniture, you should have a plan to either safely store or cover your furniture. A great affordable option is to place all of your furniture in a shed, covered in a tarp to keep it safe from any moisture that may find its way into the shed. You can also squeeze it into your storage unit if you have one and find a little extra space! Worst case scenario is that you simply cover the furniture with a tarp and secure it down, to keep as much snow and rain out as possible.

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