4 Original Backyard Design Ideas That Make Your Home Unique

When you consider your living space, keep in mind that your backyard is also an important part of your property. During the warmer months of the year, your backyard can be a great place to entertain or relax. Consider one of these four backyard design ideas to make your property unique.

Butterfly Garden - 4 Original Backyard Design Ideas That Make Your Home Unique

Add a Rain Garden or Butterfly Garden 

If you live in a place that tends to get heavy rains, consider a rain garden. A rain garden features plants that can handle an onslaught of water from time to time. The rain garden is built on a foundation of sand and gravel that facilitates the flow and drainage of water. A butterfly garden is another lovely choice. It involves planting annual and perennial flowers that butterflies drink from and pollinate. 

Build a New Fence with Aluminum Fencing 

When you want privacy and enhanced safety for your backyard, consider a new fence made with aluminum fencing. This type of fencing is naturally resistant to rust and corrosion. Aluminum fencing is lightweight and easy for experienced professionals to install. It is available in a range of colors and can be painted to match your home’s exterior paint.

Backyard Water Feature - 4 Original Backyard Design Ideas That Make Your Home Unique

Include a Water Feature 

Many people enjoy the calming sounds and sights of a backyard water feature. A cascading fountain is a great choice. This sort of a design could be created as a part of a retaining wall or a koi pond. Using a motor to keep the water flowing helps to prevent mosquitoes from breeding in the water. When the water is flowing through a filter and aerator, it will stay clean and odor-free.

Make a Shaded Seating Area 

If you enjoy spending time in your backyard, consider including a shaded seating area were you can enjoy morning coffee or relax with a book. One way to do this is by building a gazebo. A gazebo can include a bench for sitting on or a space to bring in outdoor furniture. A trellis is a good alternative to a gazebo. Trellises allow you to grow plants that have vines that will climb up and over the arch of the trellis.

Shaded Seating Backyard - 4 Original Backyard Design Ideas That Make Your Home Unique

Your backyard is an extension to your home’s living spaces. It provides you with a direct connection to the outdoors with the convenience of having shelter nearby. These design elements help to maximize the backyard’s functionality. Include one, two or all of these fun backyard design ideas when making improvements to your property.


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