4 Reasons Homeowners Should Give a Thought to Renewable Energy

In the last couple of years, we have started hearing about renewable energy more often. This supposed ongoing popularity of renewable energy has a lot to do with the looming crises of global warming and environmental deterioration that has already started showing its effect. Amid all the extensive discussion centered on renewable energy, it is still far away from becoming a mainstream power source.

Solar Panel - 4 Reasons Homeowners Should Give a Thought to Renewable Energy

For homeowners particularly, going all renewable is still an alien concept. Many people don’t factor in renewable energy for their utility consumption because they still don’t have a complete understanding of the benefits that can be seized with this eco-friendly option.

It might still not be possible to go completely off the grid and fully rely on renewable energy. However, there is still a lot of room to accommodate renewable energy with your living. Let’s have a look at the advantages that homeowners can enjoy by adding a share of renewable energy in their overall utility power consumption.

This discussion might help in persuading some people to invest in renewable energy and subsequently in an eco-friendly future.

1) It Is an Unlimited Power Supply
We have an impression regarding utility energy sources that they deplete and ultimately finish after running their course. This is true for all the conventional energy sources. A regular battery eventually drains out. A power generator works until its tank has some trace of fuel.

However, these constraints are not associated with renewable energy. It is an unlimited supply of power. For instance, solar panels or a solar generator will keep on providing energy as far as the sun is shining out there. Similarly, wind turbines continue to churn electricity under the air current of the atmosphere.

Implications for Homeowners
This unrestrained nature of renewable energy entails a lot of benefits for homeowners. To begin with, any renewable energy source will be a one-time investment with no recurrent expenses. There are no fuel and refill expenses knotted with renewable power sources. By adding some renewable energy to their residential grid through solar setups, homeowners can save thousands of dollars every year on their energy bills.

2) Renewable Energy Provides Independence
We are so much dependent on federal, state and local governments for the fulfillment of our basic amenities. Sometimes, the relevant authorities also exploit this severe dependence. Renewable energy is one such thing that can help homeowners all across the country to cut down their dependence on the powerful regulators.

If you are producing a considerable amount of power with your domestic renewable energy sources then you don’t have to bear the brunt of increased power tariff or fuel prices every other day. On the flip side, all the money you save through the use of renewable energy can also help you in making your abode more worth living.

3) Renewable Energy Can Reduce Your Home’s Carbon Footprint
If you are among the conscious lot that is worried about the rapidly deteriorating environment of the planet due to human activity, then renewable energy can help you in mending your ways. By fulfilling the large part of your utility power needs through renewable energy, you can decrease your carbon footprint.

There are estimates which suggest that a home using solar energy for a share of its utility needs can cut down the production of carbon dioxide by several tons. In other words, your house will not become an active participant in tainting the environment with greenhouse gases that are increasing the average temperature of the planet, which is not a good thing.

4) Integration of Renewable Energy Can Increase the Value of Your Abode
Besides having the intrinsic relief of not spoiling the environment through your domestic utility needs, you can also have a functional benefit of switching to renewable energy on a permanent basis. Yes, you can increase the value of your house with the integration of renewable energy. A roof with solar shingles or towering wind turbine will get better quotes in any real estate listing.

Use these renewable energy sources for all their benefits and when it’s time to sell the house, get a good selling price. All these financial implications of using renewable energy suggest that the upfront cost for its installation won’t be a problem if you strategize it properly.

What Are Some of the Renewable Energy Options for Homeowners?
It is possible for every homeowner to add some renewable energy to their overall power consumption through different sources.

A Wind Turbine
If your region experiences good average gust speed all through the year, then you can go with wind turbine(s). A single turbine ranging between 5 and 15 kW can produce a good amount of power for any household. Moreover, their vertical installation demands lesser square footage, which means they can easily be accommodated with every residential plan.

Geothermal Pumps
This is another way for homeowners to produce some renewable energy for their abode. Geothermal pumps basically use the underground heat to harness electricity that is clean with no emissions. This technology is still in its formative phase and hence not available for residential use on a larger commercial scale.

Titan Prototype - 4 Reasons Homeowners Should Give a Thought to Renewable Energy

Solar Setup
This is the most suitable option for any homeowner. First of all, every region in the US receives enough sunshine to produce a utilizable quantity of energy through solar power. Moreover, its adaptive installation through panels and shingles can go with any house construction. Also, solar setups promise one of the best energy outputs for long term use.

There are also solar generators that use photovoltaic panels to generate power. They also convert the generated DC voltage to usable AC rating. They are portable, noiseless and don’t need any fuel. You can use it for your house and can also travel with it. For homeowners interested in camping and RV excursions, this solar setup can come in really handy.

In some states, going green with your abode can also earn you tax rebates. In short, renewable energy resources such as Solar Generator or Geothermal Pumps only entail benefits of for homeowners and one should not miss out on them without any solid reason.

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