4 Sure-shot Tips to Transform the Look of your Kitchen

What do you do to add charm to a simple dress that you are wearing to a party? You accessorize! The right accessories have the potential to transform any look altogether for the better. This is true not just for your party outfit, but also of your kitchen. You might not have the space or the budget to make radical changes in structure of size, but a few subtle changes here and there can make your kitchen look new. Those changes might come in terms of color coordination or even theme. Do you want to go for a hint of old Italy, the haven for gustative delicacies? Or can the English colonial kitchen do the trick for you?

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The choice is entirely yours. Just make sure that before rushing off to the market to make purchases for upgrading your kitchen, you possess a fair idea about what kind of look you want. Otherwise, you might end up spending a lot on a number of random items that do not go with each other. If you do not have the time or the skills to carry out the task yourself, you can always hire professionals like elite kitchens and bedrooms to do the work for you.

1. Decorate the Walls

If you want to transform your kitchen, the first step is to redo your walls. You can experiment with colors. If your kitchen has got three walls paint one wall differently from the other two. You can also add a fancy border or might include light stenciled sketches climbing down from the top of the walls for beautification. If old colonial look is your forte, then you should definitely go for frames photographs hanging on one side of the kitchen. They provide a typical Victorian mood to the surroundings. If possible, you can also add a few wood-finish shelves in order to exhibit some of your prized kitchen equipments. They will serve the dual purpose of utility and exhibition.

2. Introduce Accessories

A very effective yet pocket-friendly way of revolutionizing the look of your kitchen is buying similar types of accessories. For example, try to co-ordinate the colors of your oven mitts, dish cloth and dish towels. Also, go for matching salt and pepper shakers, container lids, storage cans, and even utensil racks. If possible match the wall decorations with the magnets you put on the refrigerator. Go for similar looking utensils even if you don’t buy them in a single set all at once. This way, your entire kitchen will look well-planned and coordinated. And believe it or not, such closely matching accessories are not hard to find. You just need to have a keen eye and a proper plan.

3. Go Green

If your kitchen has enough space, it’s always a good idea to introduce a touch of greenery in it. Be it potted plants, or creepers along the kitchen window, you can never go wrong with flora. It promotes healthy environment and gives a homely touch to your kitchen.

4. Fix Furniture

Often, the chief problem with renovating the kitchen is choosing proper furniture. So it’s best that you first decide upon what kind of look you want. If you want to go for a highly modern, user-savvy look, get rid of all heavy furniture and replace them with light, utility-based ones. On the other hand, if you want a heavy, old-school look, you can refurbish your old chairs and shelves to fit into the newly renovated kitchen. But remember that whatever the look may be, always use space-saving furniture so that a lot of workplace is available.

If you feel unsure about how you want your kitchen to look, you can always look up interior decoration magazines or websites. There are different services available today, like elite kitchens and bedrooms, which can do a fantastic job for your home. They would give you a rough idea about the options available in the market and how you can modify them to suit your own taste and needs.

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