4 Things to Check Before Buying Your Next Home

When buying a new home, it is important not to rush any decisions. You may be tempted to make an offer on the first house you find that is the right size and the right price, but before you commit, you there are few more things you need to learn about the house.

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Talk to neighbors
Remember that you won’t just be moving to a new house, you will be moving to a new community. Meet some of the neighbors, learn if there is a homeowners association, and find out about any neighborhood get-to-gathers and other events. Find out how many people in the neighborhood rent and how many own their homes, as this greatly affects the character of the community. Ask yourself not only if this is the house you want to live in, but also if you can see yourself as part of this community.

Find out about Utilities and Taxes
Before committing to a home, learn about the recurring expenses such as utility bills and taxes. In deciding what you can afford, you need to factor in the expected cost of electricity, water, sewage, and garbage disposal. Is the home particularly expensive to heat in the winter or cool in the summer? Some utility companies or municipalities will bill you on average usage rather than solely on usage for the current month. This can help plan expenses. When considering property taxes, factor in how often the home will need to be re-appraised. Find out if there are any current initiatives to raise property taxes or if the taxes have been raised several times in the last few years.

Assess Your Comfort Level

After learning everything about the house, reassess your financial situation and rather this is somewhere you will want to live. Make more than one visit to the house, preferably at different times of day. Drive from the house to your workplace to get a sense of what the commute will be like. Explore the neighborhood and surrounding area to find out what restaurants and shops are nearby. Is the area pedestrian friendly? What are the nearest schools? Finally, give yourself time to make a decision. Don’t let yourself be pressured into making an offer before you are ready.

Have the Home Expected
Before making an offer on a house, you need to know about any potential problems and what improvements will have to be made. With this information in hand, you may be able to negotiate a lower price or have the current owner complete renovations in advance of the sale. It is particularly important to have a qualified Dallas plumber or one in your local area check the pipes throughout the home for any potential problems.

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