4 Tips for Keeping Your New Home Pest Free

It’s a year-round battle protecting the home from invading rodents. Oftentimes, the rodent wins the battle. Don’t throw in the towel yet. Proactive strategies exist for combating rodents from taking over the home.

Keeping Home Pest Free - 4 Tips for Keeping Your New Home Pest Free

Cover Openings

A common way rodents enter a resident’s home is through unsealed holes. Prevent the entry by inspecting and sealing cracks and holes inside and outside the home, including doors and windows. Put effort into the sealing process. Use caulk for smaller openings. Hire a professional to seal up larger holes. Temporarily nail, tape, and glue cardboard to cover the hole until a professional can fix it. Continue inspecting the home’s interior frequently. Install screens on your windows, so that you can open them without fear of some critters creeping in.

Trim Trees

A second way rodents enter the home is through the roof. While rodents will climb to the roof to enter if holes exist, a faster way is to use tree limbs and branches. Raccoons and squirrels use this method to enter the home. Unless a resident has a ladder and chainsaw to reach the higher branches, a tree cutting professional should tackle this job. The company has the equipment to reach low and high branches so no rodents can use trees as an entryway.

Do Inspections

To find openings or tree branches/limbs, it requires outside inspection. Search the foundation, crawlspaces, and exterior walls for open areas. Hire a pest control service to seal outside openings and combat existing rodents. Hire a roof professional to seal up holes, tears, and cracks in the roof. By sealing outside holes or trimming branches above the roof, it prevents future rodents from entering. Continue to inspect the home’s exterior daily.


The kitchen is the source of food, and rodents love eating out of the kitchen. Protect the food by cleaning the kitchen. Store loud-smelling food in a resealable bag or containers, clean the dishes thoroughly, sweep the kitchen floors, and take out the trash. Clean dishes, sweep floors, and take out the trash every night. Place food in a secure location and seal up open bags. The procedure applies to pet food too. Move recycling bins and garbage cans to a location far from the home’s doors and windows. Keep the containers closed. Ensure all loose food is in tightly sealed kitchen bags.

Rodents spend day and night uncovering entryways. No amount of cold or hot weather will stop their persistence. A resident must be equally persistent by taking these preventative measures so rodents don’t succeed. Continue implementing the preventative measures and a pest control service if necessary for productive results.

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