4 Tips for Making Your Home Cooler in the Summer Months

Beating the heat can be the biggest challenge you face all summer, other than simple boredom. While you enjoy lazy days at the lake, coming home to a hot, stuffy house can undo all the cool relaxation you just soaked up. For those with functioning air conditioning, home is already an escape from the elements.

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However, for many others, the cost of implementing an air conditioning unit can be too big to face. Fortunately, hundreds of people have managed to keep the house cool during the day. Included here are a few secrets to utilize during your next heat wave to stay cool and comfortable at home!

Modify Your Home
In order to enjoy your home year-round, you may need to make some insulation changes. This be sure all doors and windows are sealed to prevent drafts. You may choose to put a cotton cover on your couch, as well as cotton sheets, to keep yourself cool when lounging at home.

Shade The Windows
As important as natural sunshine is to warming your house in the winter, it is the last thing you want in summer months! While natural light can be refreshing to work with, consider heading outside to enjoy it while closing the curtains inside. Sun can heat your home excessively during the day, so pull curtains or natural bamboo shades over your south-facing windows on a daily basis.

If you find that you are still getting an abundance of warmth through your shaded windows, try planting heavily leafed shrubs or trees to block your south-facing windows. Find a plant that is fast-growing and you could have shade cover by next year. It is wise to utilize deciduous plants in this area, though, because the winter sunshine will be beneficial during cold months.

Install and Run Ceiling Fans
The simple act of circulating air can help cool it within your home. By running your ceiling fans 24/7 in the hottest months, your home will stay significantly cooler and you will benefit from a nice breeze. Ceiling fans pull the cool air up from the floor and cycle the warmer rising air down, keeping the entire room feeling cooler overall.

Use a Portable Fan
The most important tool you can purchase in the summer months is a box fan.Simple box fans do an exceptional job of moving air through the home via a window. A great way to keep a well-insulated home cool during the summer is by opening all of your windows at night and blowing the fans into the home. As soon as the temperature begins to rise in the morning, close up the windows and seal in the cool air.

For experiencing a better quality of indoor air, it is essential for having HVAC unit with functioning air conditioning.

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