4 Tips to Properly Prepare Your Lawn and Garden for Winter

When the days begin to get shorter, and the air becomes cooler, you know that summer is ending and winter isn’t that far away. The cold months can be quite hard on the yard, especially if it is not properly winterized.

Nice Lawn - 4 Tips to Properly Prepare Your Lawn and Garden for Winter

An unprepared yard could quickly be ruined once the snow melts and the days start to warm up. All the hard work you did last year to get your lawn and garden look pristine will go to waste if you do not prepare your yard for winter. That is why winterizing your yard is so important.

It won’t take much work, and it is fairly inexpensive to do. Use the following four tips to help get your lawn and garden ready for winter.

Know Your Type of Grass Seed

When it comes to your lawn, it is essential to know what type of grass seed you used. That information will help determine what steps you should take to winterize your lawn. Regions that tend to have lots of cool months will be most suited with cool season grasses. They grow the best during the fall.

Fertilize in the Fall

Cool season grass lawns should fertilize before the winter months. Winterizer fertilizer is something you would apply in October or November to help keep your lawn strong throughout winter. The reason you want to fertilize in the fall is that the roots of plants remain active even during the coldest months of the year. Fertilizing in fall will give nutrients to the active roots which they will store for winter. Once the days begin to warm up, the grass will start to grow again, feeding off the reserved nutrients from your fall fertilization.

Remove Any Plants from The Garden

Before the soil starts to freeze, you’ll want to remove any rooted crops from the garden. That doesn’t mean you need to remove vegetables right when the weather begins to cool. Some greens actually become a bit sweeter with a light frost.

You’ll also want to remove any weeds from the garden before the ground freeze. Since many plant’s roots remain active during the winter, leaving any weeds could mean they’ll be around when things begin to thaw. If weeds overtake some areas, you can cover them with cardboard over winter to try and kill sprouting seeds.

Add Compost to the Garden

Just like we fertilize the lawn for winter, you should fertilize the soil in the garden as well. First, till up the soil to loosen the ground and prepare for the fertilizer to penetrate deep into the ground. This will also expose any insects that would stay hidden in the winter.

After you till the garden, add a layer of compost to the soil. Compost is an excellent natural fertilizer that gives tons of nutrients back into the ground. The more nutrients you can add to the soil, the better it will be once spring rolls around.


Follow these four tips to help winterize your yard so that it thrives in the spring. A little work now will keep your yard alive after the thaw.

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