4 unexpected places for a bathroom in your home

Whilst many modern homes are built with a master bathroom and at least one other toilet option, many older properties were designed without such luxuries. If you happen to live in a Victorian, or even a Georgian, property, you may find that your bathroom was an afterthought, retro-fitted when the expectation of indoor toilets and a family bathroom became the norm.

New Bathroom - 4 unexpected places for a bathroom in your home

In a busy family household, a single, shared bathroom can often cause issues, not least when everyone is rushing round trying to get ready on a morning. How often have you got into the bath or shower, only for someone to knock on the door complaining that they can’t hold it in any longer.

In this blog post, we’ll show you that it is possible, with a little imagination, creativity and a bit of budget, to turn other, unexpected spaces in your home into a bathroom. Here are some great bathroom ideas.

Understairs cloakroom

The space beneath the stairs in your home is often unused and unloved. In many cases, it simply becomes a dumping ground for shoes, coats and bags, and often, the space is used as a storage cupboard. However, if you are fed up with waiting your turn for the family bathroom, it could the perfect place to add a cloakroom.

Whilst you’ll find plenty of inspiring bathroom ideas for larger bathrooms, there don’t seem to be as many for tiny spaces, like an understairs cloakroom. Even with limited space, it can be incredibly easy to do.

Cloakroom - 4 unexpected places for a bathroom in your home

Most understairs areas can easily accommodate at least a toilet and basin, although you may also need to consider additional lighting and ventilation. If adding new plumbing proves difficult and expensive, why not use a macerator like those available from Saniflo? This treats your waste before being discharged through a small bore pipe to the main waste stack, which can be found elsewhere on your property.


When you think of your garage, taps, toilets and basins don’t immediately spring to mind. However, it could be the perfect place to build a new bathroom.

Over 50% of motorists don’t use their garage for car storage and this number is set to grow. Instead, the common garage has become a handy additional place in which you’re more likely to find a freezer chest or washing machine than a Volkswagen or Vauxhall.

So, with very little need for this additional space, why not formally convert it into an additional bathroom? If you think about it, the garage could be the perfect place for your master bathroom. It is on the ground floor, meaning accessibility is easy and you should have some decent dimensions the play with. In many cases, plumbing your garage shouldn’t be too difficult, especially if it is adjacent to your main soil stack.

Replace the garage door with a wall (well, you wouldn’t want the whole street seeing you in the bath!) and you’re left with a genuine blank canvas upon which you can create your very own master bathroom masterpiece.

Loft conversion

As Yazz and the Plastic Population sang in the 1980s: “The only way is up” and with cramped homes, this is often the case. Extending into your roof space with a loft conversion can alleviate space issues, especially if your family increases in size.

Retro Bathroom - 4 unexpected places for a bathroom in your home

With a brand new room on the drawing board, you can afford to think about adding a second bathroom space. If you’re planning to use your loft conversion as a bedroom, it would certainly make sense to include an ensuite.

Installing a stylish, modern bathroom suite shouldn’t be a problem, although you may need to be careful when fitting a shower enclosure. A sloping roof can cause issues with overhead space, so make sure you measure carefully. Also, if your shower head is above the level of your water tank in a gravity fed water system, you may need a negative head shower pump (as opposed to the more common positive head option) to boost your flow.

Box room

If you’re not using it as a bedroom or home office, the box room could be an ideal space for an ensuite or second bathroom.

Much like with your understairs space, a box room is likely to be situated some way away from the main waste stack, which usually runs next to your main bathroom and kitchen. You may also need to consider the arrangement of hot and cold water feeds in your home, as well as the positioning of your floor joists.

Bathroom - 4 unexpected places for a bathroom in your home

A bedroom can be easily tanked and waterproofed to make it watertight and you could easily use a macerator unit to discharge toilet waste through a small bore pipe to your waste stack.

A bathroom renovation can add value to your property, so why not consider one of these unexpected places for your second bathroom space?

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