5 Awesome Technologies that Will Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

Reducing your average electric bills does more than just save you money; it also helps you reduce your impact on the environment. As more people expressed interest in going green and protecting the environment, manufacturers and other companies realized that they needed to introduce new technologies that would help homeowners do exactly what they want to do. The problem with going green is that it can take a great deal of work, but new technologies can completely automate the process and make it much easier. These new technologies and products will make your home more energy efficient, saving you money while also preserving the environment.

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Compact Light Bulbs

Starting in 2014, stores will no longer sell traditional light bulbs. These bulbs, which retail for just a few dollars, have a short lifespan and use more electricity than the new compact florescent bulbs. In the end, though they may be cheap, they often end up costing you a great deal of money when it comes to your electricity bill. The compact light bulbs that are readily available can last for 10 years or longer and use less electricity, which makes them a great investment that will end up saving you a huge amount of money.

Home Automation Systems

While you cannot control ever aspect of your home with a home automation system, you can control a number of things. These systems, which are available from the top home security companies, place various appliances and devices on the same power structure. You can adjust the thermostat, control your security system, move the angle of your security cameras, and turn appliances on or off when you aren’t home with the single push of a button on your phone. These systems can also be used to automatically regulate your appliances, making it so that they are consuming the smallest amount of electricity.

Lighting Systems

Belkin introduced its WeMo as an alternative for those who wanted the ease of a home automation system, but without the large price tag. This tiny little device plugs into any outlet in your home, and you can plug appliances or other devices into the WeMo. Once you download an app for your smartphone or tablet, you can turn the WeMo on or off from anywhere that you may be, which is perfect for when you realize that you forgot to turn something off when you are at work and away from home.

Battery Chargers

New battery charges let you recharge the batteries and reduce the amount of waste in the environment. Batteries contain a number of chemicals that can leach out when thrown away, which then kills animals and damages vegetation. Unlike the older versions of battery chargers that have batteries that do not last a long time and can only hold a few charges, newer chargers are extremely efficient and their batteries can last for years on end if they are properly maintained.

Air-Source Heat Pumps

Reducing the energy usage in your home is easy with an air-source heat pump. These pumps use a special process that draws heat from the air outside your home and forces that air inside to keep your house at the optimum temperature. If your HVAC system needs repairing or replacing, an air-source heat pump is a good addition to your home. These pumps also consume a negligible amount of energy when compared to a normal furnace, allowing for you to heat your home for a small price and with little impact on the environment.

Some people think that it takes a lot of money and time to make their homes more energy efficient. The truth is that you can reduce your overall energy usage and reduce your electric bills with a few simple products.

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