5 Clever Garden Tool Storage Ideas

For some, organizing a garage is neither expensive nor difficult. All it takes is some time to have a clean and complete space dedicated to garden-related tools and requirements. This makes them easy to find when needed. You might have a small space or a large garage–don’t let this deter you. No matter how compact your available space is, there are still many solutions to space storage that can help put away all the things you want creatively and intelligently.

Garden Tools - 5 Clever Garden Tool Storage Ideas

If you’re looking to make room for your gardening equipment or seasonal tools, your extra garden storage space will definitely come in handy now. By making a small shed for these tools to be kept safely and compactly, you can help de-clutter your home and store all that you want in an organized and neat manner, far away from environmental vagaries.

  1. Re-use your pallets: You can use pallets in a number of ways, so spread their versatility around a bit more and use them to store your garden tools. Hang it on the wall and hang up all your essential tools on nails from top to bottom. You can also make provision for a drawer on the top for gloves and a few things that need to remain dry.
  2. Build a dedicated storage shed: You might think this is a time-consuming project, but it’s perfectly logical to have some space dedicated to this cause. Besides, if you find building this shed daunting, don’t be because there are many free tutorials online which can help you along the way. You can build it below eaves, if you don’t have the required space for a shed.
  3. Use an old file cabinet: Here’s an innovative way of storing your garden equipment. If you ahve a file cabinet, remove its drawers, turn it over to rest on its back and hammer in a few pegboards at the ends. Now, you’ve got a storage idea that fits in all the big stuff.
  4. Have a storage wall: Perhaps you already have a garage. Now, don’t use the space there to dump your garden tools. Instead, create a storage wall. This will give you space specially for your garden tools and save you from tripping over anything lying on the floor. You’ll also be able to find the right tool at the right time and know immediately if you’ve inadvertently left something outdoors.
  5. Repurpose a garden bench: Before you roll up your sleeves to start creating something to hang up your tools on, look around you. Perhaps, you have an old garden bench lying around. If you do, you can use it to create a storage space for your tools in its body. Open its seating area and fill it up with your tools, then shut it and lock it. It works as a garden bench and as a storage space, just where you want it–in the garden. And, if you’re musically oriented, perhaps you might also be looking for storing your jobsite radio safely while you work. You’re sure to find enough space in your garden bench for it.

Potting Shed - 5 Clever Garden Tool Storage Ideas

With these imaginative solutions, you can easily store your garden tools safely.


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