5 Designs to Get Your Old Home out of the Stone Age

Outdated homes can be a source of frustration and discontentment to homeowners, but taking one step at a time to bring a house out of the stone ages can be accomplished. From making over countertops to investing in new windows and doors, these primary improvements will make all the difference in any dated home. In addition to countertops and doors, a few more simple upgrades will bring any house from the past into a look of modern comfort and sophistication.

New Home Designs - 5 Designs to Get Your Old Home out of the Stone Age

Kitchen Dreams Brought to Life

Who doesn’t want a fabulous new kitchen? The budget may not provide for a complete kitchen makeover, but a few changes can bring about a huge improvement. Concrete sink molds can transform a dated room into a fresh, new space. These molds are made with aesthetic design in mind and classes may be taken for people who like to take on DIY projects to do the counters themselves. In addition to sink molds, concrete or natural stone counters offer a beautiful upgrade from old laminate and chipped wood counters. Add in a beautiful high sink facet and an over-the-sink lighting fixture, and the room will be wonderfully-transformed.

Industrial Concrete Tabletops Give Rooms a Modern Appeal

Tabletops are not just for kitchens; they are also found on desktops, coffee tables, and nightstands. Going with the possible do-it-yourself theme, stone molds for tabletops can bring any room out of the dark ages. From cool, slate, concrete colors to fascinating blends of earth tones, these molds have the potential to give old furniture an entirely new look. This is an ideal makeover tip for people who have furniture they love but need to modernize it to fit their evolving style.

Slider Windows Offer Premium Appeal and Function

Installing new windows not only will help utility bills to lower, but they will also bring about an improved aesthetic appeal. While many different types of windows are available, slider windows are both beautiful and functional in a minimalist way. These types of windows are ideal for traditional homes that are undergoing slow and steady improvements. Sliders are also great for busy families because they offer easy functionality and a pretty, crisp appeal.

New Bathroom Tile Offers an Upscale Design

Stone bathroom tile replacing old ceramic tile can bring about a rapid change in the most appealing way. Beautiful marbled-style stone is both resilient and aesthetic in design. This can be an at-home DIY job, or it can be done easily by professional remodelers. Earth-tone colors in natural stone tile work well for industrial-style designs, lodge-style, or a traditional ranch home.

Add on a Natural Front Porch

A front porch taking the place of a concrete walkway or standard sidewalk leading to the house lends both curb appeal and function to any home exterior. Lightly-stained wooden porches compliment double doors and single doors. Consider adding double planters on the front porch on each side of the door to complete the entry-way transformation. When a front porch is added, charming features such as Adirondack chairs or a hanging front porch swing can be easily installed to boost the welcoming factor.

Each project a person takes on to improve and update their home is a valuable investment. Whether it’s concrete sink molds or a new window, you’ll definitely see that it’s worth it later on. Not only will these upgrades add beauty and improvements, but they also serve to increase the merit of a home. This can be beneficial if the homeowners decide to sell the home later to upgrade to a new property. DIY videos and tutorials can be helpful in doing many projects to save money, while the larger jobs can be left to subcontractors. As a person considers upgrading the interior of their home, it is also wise to examine possible exterior upgrades that may include new driveways, retaining walls, and planting trees. 

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