5 Exciting Tips For Holiday Home Decorating

With so many holidays coming up, it is important to consider decorating options that will make your home look festive without costing an exorbitant amount of money. The average American household spends $549 for Christmas gifts each year, and that can take a bite out of the budget for decorations. And Christmas isn’t the only holiday on which we festoon our homes. Halloween decorations are increasingly popular with some homeowners. More than $30 billion will be spent on Thanksgiving, but the majority of this money will go toward food and travel expenses. As for Christmas, most Americans will only spend $52 on Christmas decorations this year.

Holiday Home Decorating
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Five Tips for Holiday Decorating

There are several ways that you can bring each holiday to life in your home, even if you have a small decorating budget.

1. Shop With Online Retailers

Many online retailers like christmasgifts.com offer holiday decorations all year, and they are also able to provide discounted pricing because they do not have the same overhead costs as a brick-and-mortar store. Therefore, whether you are looking for Christmas decorations or the perfect gift, it is definitely a good idea to consider shopping online. Remember these 2 words: Cyber Monday!

2. Make Do-It-Yourself Art Projects

Even if you don’t think you’re very artistic, there are several do-it-yourself projects that are relatively easy to do. If you have children, you can use these projects to help them develop confidence in their creativity. There are thousands of do-it-yourself ideas for every holiday, ranging from making a Halloween scarecrow for your front yard to stringing popcorn for the Christmas tree.

3. Shop At Discount Stores

If your holiday decoration budget is very small, you should consider visiting a dollar store or a thrift store. These discounted retailers may not offer the same high-end products that you find at other stores, but they will provide you with several inexpensive options that can help complete the look of your home.

4. Shop After Each Holiday

Although this will not help you until next year, you can get great prices on holiday decorations by hitting your local stores and favorite online sites the day after a major holiday. This is also a good way to get other necessities such as wrapping paper for at least half off.

5. Make a Holiday Savings Account

If you want to purchase a large quantity of holiday decorations, you should create a savings account that you put money into every week. This will help you with larger purchases such as a Christmas tree, and it will also enable you to buy your favorite items instead of settling for less expensive alternatives that you really don’t want.

One of the best aspects of decorating for the holidays is that you can store everything and use it again every year. Therefore, it is a good idea to get storage containers to help preserve each item. As long as you are careful with all of the decorations that you buy this year, you should be able to avoid spending a lot of money on each holiday in the future.

Writer LaGeris Underwood Bell is a thrift-conscious baby-boomer who relishes holiday bargains. She has found that a visit to http://www.christmasgifts.com/ promises a treasure trove of delightful holiday options at affordable prices.

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