5 Important Tips for Safety

When you hire contractors to help you remodel your home or add a new addition onto your existing structure, it can be vital that you prepare for the work before the contractors arrive to your house. Taking the time to make sure all of the necessary safety precautions are in place can help you keep your home and your family safe during the remodeling work and also protect you from being sued by contractors who may become injured on the job. As you consider what precautions to take, you may be well advised to keep these tips in mind.

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1. Update Your Homeowner’s Insurance

If you have a very basic homeowner’s insurance policy, it may be a good time for you to update it so that it covers any work that is being done on your home during the remodeling. When you expand your coverage, you can be protected from being sued by a worker who may have hurt himself while working on your house. The coverage should cover his medical expenses and save you from being taken to court.

2. Ensure the Contractors are Insured

Just as you should be insured, so should the contractors who come to work on your home. Before you let a single worker raise his hammer or drill a single hole in your wall, you would do well to ask and verify the contractors’ insurance coverage to make sure that you and your family are protected from harm. If the workers cause you or your loved ones to suffer an injury, it can be vital that you make use of this coverage to pay for the resulting medical bills.

Online at personalinjurylawyersny.net it is stated that “If another party’s negligence causes the accident, or if that party had reason to believe that an individual could be injured on their premises and did nothing to prevent this from happening, they can be held liable for any damages suffered as a direct result of an accident.” If the insurance company denies your claim, you should then move on to hire an attorney who can negotiate with the workers’ insurance company.

3. Have Fire Extinguishers Ready

As simple as this tip sounds, it can be vital that you have fire extinguishers and smoke alarms ready for this work. Contractors use a variety of electrical equipment like drills and saws. Sometimes this equipment overheats and causes fires to break out at construction sites. You can keep your entire house from burning down by having fire extinguishers at the ready.

4. Keep First Aid Kits Handy

Just as you protect your home from fires, you can also protect yourself, your family, and the workers from devastating medical emergencies by having a first aid kit ready. Cuts, bruises, scrapes, and other injuries can be cleaned out and bandaged when you have these supplies on hand. This first line of defense can be important for keeping out infection until the injured person can get in to see a doctor.

5. Wear Safety Gear

The workers working on your house will more than likely have safety gear on as they remodel your home. However, if you are going to remain on the premises, you also can keep yourself safe by wearing the appropriate safety gear. Keeping a hard hat, goggles, ear plugs, and other gear with you can help keep you safe while the work is being done.

These simple, but important safety tips can help you keep your family, home, and contractor’s safe during the remodeling work on your home. Before the workers arrive for their jobs, you should make sure these precautions are in place. By doing so, you could be protecting yourself from a future liability but also from having a serious injury occur.

Lisa Coleman shares some tips on some preventative and safety measures that can be taken by a homeowner before allowing work to be performed on their property. She obtained some of her ideas and information online at personalinjurylawyersny.net to help complete this piece.


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