5 Innovative New House Technologies

Innovative new technologies are transforming the way that today’s homeowners experience and manage their households. Like most of our personal tech, it’s becoming more commonplace for the home itself to be an interactive gadget, or a collection of interactive products performing traditional functions. Mobile apps allow you an unprecedented level of control. Here are some trends in home technology to look for.

Smart Lighting Home - 5 Innovative New House Technologies

Smart Lighting

Modern homes are designed with strategically placed fixtures so that you can focus light where you need it. Most of these systems utilize LEDs. LED lights use 75 percent less energy but last 25 times longer. Wi-Fi enabled fixtures can also be connected through programmable apps so that you set the light levels you want, or are connected to motion detectors so that they automatically go off and on depending on whether the area is in use.

Window Automation

You can buy products that lower shades or draw curtains automatically. This can be done according to a schedule, such as covering the windows at night during frosty weather and admitting more light once the sun comes up. These systems can react according to photo-sensors that monitor the level of outside light. You may also find windows that utilize an electro-chemical glaze to automatically darken or brighten the glass itself.

Connected Appliances

This is the age of the IoT, or Internet of Things. These are Wi-Fi enabled devices that you can control remotely, even from across town, via certain smartphone apps. These can include hot water heaters, dishwashers, irrigation systems, washing machines, even the coffee maker. More products are becoming available. Your house can be transformed with a wireless router so that virtually every function can be automated.

Roof top Solar - 5 Innovative New House Technologies

New Solar Products

The idea of the cumbersome roof-top solar panel is outdated. Lighter, thinner photo-voltaic membranes can function just as well, and look more appealing, across the roof of your garage, shed, or carport to provide free electricity all day long. The energy is stored in batteries so you can use it when you’re ready. This will save you significantly on electric bills and help out when the local power grid goes offline.

Programmable HVAC

Thermostats are becoming small computers that allow you to automate your heating, ventilation, and AC. For example, you can program your system to lower the temperature after you leave for work and raise it again before you get home. For homes with multiple HVAC zones, you can maintain optimal comfort throughout the home, day and night, and still save money by cutting back when there’s nobody around to enjoy it. Contact a company like Jim Dhamer Plumbing and Sewer, Inc. to see what additions you might be able to add immediately.

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