5 Keys to Having a Lush Summer Lawn

Your lawn is one of the first things people see when they arrive at your house before they even get to the door. It’s essential to keep your lawn looking lush and green to improve your home’s outdoor aesthetic appeal. Keep these five tips in mind to maximize your efforts at improving your lawn’s look.

Lush Summer Lawn - 5 Keys to Having a Lush Summer Lawn

  1. Water Regularly

Keeping your lawn green starts with ensuring it gets enough water. It’s not an issue if it rains a lot, but during dry periods you’ll need to water it. Letting your grass dry out can kill it and allows weeds that are more resistant to drought to take over. Water should seep down from six to eight inches. Water for 10-15 minutes and turn the water off to give the soil time to absorb it, and then turn the water back on until it’s at the necessary depth for optimal growth.

  1. Nutrition

Fertilization is essential when grass grows in soil that doesn’t contain everything it needs or has been depleted of necessary nutrients. Nitrogen is one of the primary nutrients grass needs. A lack of nitrogen will cause your lawn to turn yellow, grow more slowly or begin to thin out. Aim to fertilize our lawn every 6-8 weeks with adjustments based on how your grass is looking. If you have less than ideal conditions for growth, it may be beneficial to use artificial grass for better results.

  1. Mow to the Correct Height 

Grass needs the top cut off to grow and be healthy. A lack of mowing causes your grass to turn into a mess and will have unsightly open spaces. Cutting your grass regularly causes it to form the aesthetic appeal you’re looking for. Avoid cutting too short or not enough, because it will be detrimental to the growth process.

  1. Mow at Regular Intervals 

How often you mow your lawn depends on how fast it grows. This needs to be adjusted depending on how fast or slow it’s currently growing due to weather and fertilization. More fertilization and water tends to cause grass to grow faster and requires more frequent mowing.

  1. Conquer the Weeds

Weeds will take over your grass if you don’t take measures to maintain it. Pull them by hand and get rid of them before they have a chance to overtake the grass. You may need insecticides if insects become a problem.

Enjoy your green and lush lawn after applying these five tips and visiting a company like Bourget Bros. Building Materials if you have any questions. Taking care of your lawn enhances its appearance and shows everyone that you take pride in its appearance.

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