5 Life Changing Interior Design Ideas

We all dream of having a big house at some point in our lives. Unfortunately, many of us do not want the expense of more square footage to heat and cool, more rooms to clean, and the sometimes high price of the home itself. This is part of the reason that many young professionals and small families are making the most of a modest floor plan.

Huge living room - 5 Life Changing Interior Design Ideas
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You do not have to have a huge living room in order to have a chic living room. You do not have to sacrifice style for space. These two elements can function very well together. You will be surprised at how much of your square footage is wasted, just decorating as everyone else does.

1. Cabinets, not just for the kitchen

When you think of cabinets, you think of the kitchen. You may stretch your thought process to include the laundry room and the garage. One of the most popular cabinets is Shaker cabinets. Shaker cabinets were designed in the 1800s by a religious group of the same name. They were built to last, and they have. The sturdy design makes them a perfect addition for a home because they never wear out. The minimalist decor ensures clean lines with ample room.

Cabinets are one of the most efficient ways to store things and to keep things out of your way until you need them. The trick is to make them blend well in rooms other than the kitchen.

By moving down the wall of a room, away from the main focal point and hanging a cabinet, you give the room length. Painting the cabinet and the wall a light color takes the eye away from the cabinet and it just looks like part of the room. You will be amazed at the things you can store in the cabinet and keep your living room clutter-free.

The entry hall is another good place for cabinets. A cabinet above a bench with cubby holes for shoes is an awesome look.

Right now is a good time to get a deal. The clash of the kitchen cabinet kings: fight for the Shaker Thrown. Is going on now.

2. Corners

Corners are the most under-utilized spaces in any size home. Do not waste your space just filling the corner with decorative items. Buy a triangular shaped desk that sits easily in the corner. Add a small padded chair and you have an area for work, using your computer, and anything else you need.  Note: if the room is extremely small, have the desk built onto the wall and fold it down when you need it.

This same idea works in the bedrooms. You can use it for a makeup or dressing table. In the kid’s rooms, make it a homework station. Office wall trays hold books, pens, and other things they need. Many of the can be mounted on the wall with adhesive tabs.

Kitchen storage - 5 Life Changing Interior Design Ideas
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3. Pull-out workspace in the kitchen

Have your contractor build a pull-out cabinet that has a cutting board attached. This gives you more room to work in the kitchen cooking, and it slides out of your way when you are not. The cabinet is completely functional as a cabinet.

4. Get real with your furniture

One of the biggest mistakes people make is not measuring their rooms before they buy furniture. Another problem is they buy for special days. Let us explain. You have a small dining room. You can get a table that seats 8 in there but just barely. Some of the chairs have to be stored in the garage. You want this for when your sister visits with her family during the holidays. In order to have a large table, you are cramped all year. Instead, get a table with a bench on one side so it can be pushed against the wall. Buy one with a leaf that can be removed to make the table smaller for your family of 3.

5. Take advantage of tips that make the room look big

  • Let in natural light
  • Use light-colored blinds that roll up when you want the sun
  • Use a large rug and the room will look larger. Buy your rug in contrast with the wall colors. This is a good place for a pop of color.
  • Hang mirrors directly across from the windows to take advantage of the natural light
  • Instead of a coffee table, place two leather ottomans with removable lid. Use the inside to store things. When the tops are on, place a pretty coffee tray across both of them.
  • Hang drapes close to the ceiling. This will make the room seem taller.

Use your imagination to see what you can accomplish on the space you have. With a little brainstorming, your house is going to rock!

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