5 Pests to Watch Out for before Springtime

Although you may think of most outdoor pests arriving in the late spring and into the summer, many are already there as you begin to plant your garden, fertilize your grass and clean the outside of your house in preparation for the new season. They may have returned from a warmer climate or made their way through burrows in the soil from a long winter’s hibernation. Now is the time to deal with these pests to ensure that their numbers do not swell throughout the summer, leaving you with a problem that you cannot handle.

House fly - 5 Pests to Watch Out for before Springtime

Some of these pests can be easily handled by simple changes that you make to your landscaping, yard and home. Others need to be exterminated by a reputable pest control company to ensure that their homes are removed and that the pests are killed at the source. By attacking these pests before spring comes in full force, you can create a beautiful and more inviting outdoor space for the upcoming spring, summer and fall.


Flies may not carry such dangerous diseases, but they can certainly be a nuisance if they roam out of control in your garden. In fact, horse flies can bite quite painfully when provoked. These pests are best controlled by removing the wet breeding grounds where they like to lay their eggs from your yard and even inside your home.

Bees and Wasps

While helpful honeybees are dropping in numbers, many varieties of stinging bumblebees and wasps continue to fly in large numbers. When provoked, they can sting painfully, leaving behind large welts and creating allergic reactions in some people. Early spring is when bees and wasps are most apt to build nests. Be sure to treat these nests at dusk when the insects are most likely to be inside them.


The cankerworm is a type of destructive inchworm found across many areas of the United States. These worms are most active in the spring when they feast on leafy trees. They are most prone to target elm trees in residential neighborhoods. The best way to treat them is with a pesticide applied by a local pest control company.

Carpenter Ant - 5 Pests to Watch Out for before Springtime

Carpenter Ants

Carpenter ants are large, back ants that love to eat wood. Although they may not be harmful enough to hurt the foundations of your house or deck, they are irritating to have around as they may swarm over piles of wood in your yard or make themselves at home around your comfy deck chairs. They can be controlled by limiting the dry, rotting wood that you keep on your property and by treating with certain pesticides.


While ticks used to be known mainly for their presence in the Northeast and Upper Midwest, they can now be found nearly anywhere across the United States. They are found in wooded areas but can also live comfortably in longer grasses and bushes around the outer limits of your yard. Ticks can pose huge problems as many of them carry Lyme disease. Consider hiring a pest control company like Chem-Wise Ecological Pest Management to treat your yard and recommend ways to keep these little critters at bay.

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