5 Things That May Be Needing Repair Outside This Summer

Summer is a time to enjoy being outside, getting a tan and having parties. Before all the fun can begin, you should make certain that everything is in good working order. There are items around the house that can pose a problem if they are not properly taken care of. Here are five things you should repair before having your summer fun.

Repair Outside This Summer

Awnings And Patio Cover
Unrolling a patio cover or awning only to see shredded or stained fabrics is embarrassing. On dry days during the fall and winter, unroll the fabric to perform periodic inspections. Take the fabric in and store in the garage if necessary. Before hanging outside, repair any rips or tears, patch any holes, wash and treat with UV reflective products. Your awnings and patio coverings will look great.

Your House’s Foundation
Your house’s foundation is no laughing matter. Sinking or cracking can lead to serious structural problems that are expensive to fix. If caught early, you can avoid major problems with your home. Signs that an evaluation and possibly repair is needed are sticking doors, windows out of kilter and cracks in the walls or ceiling. Houston Foundation Inspection can evaluate your home and let you know if any repairs are needed.

Outdoor Furniture
Most patio furniture is left to the winter elements. The result is that most furniture should be scrutinized and refinished or repaired before summertime use. Remove all paint and rust from metal furniture, tighten any loose screws or bolts and use rust resistant primer before painting with an outdoor rated paint. Replace all torn or worn out seat or backing fabrics. Wash wicker furniture with a solution designed to remove mold and stains; paint with an outdoor rated paint.

The Barbeque
Barbeques take a lot of abuse and use throughout the summer or the year. Carefully clean the barbeque and inspect all the welded joints. Repair any loose joints and if there are any places where metal has rusted or burned through, evaluate whether the unit can be salvaged by having a metal patch welded in place. For propane units, have the gas regulator, connections and tank tested before use.

For those who have in ground or above ground pools, annual inspections and routine maintenance is a must. Some pools are drained and taken in during the winter; these need inspection as well. Cracks in cement, holes in pool fabric, bent or unstable pool supports can all cause problems and must be taken care of immediately. Pool pumps and vacuums should be inspected annually to ensure proper working order. If they are not working, place the pool off limits until they are repaired.

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