5 things you can expect from a 21st century bathroom

The bathroom is a relatively modern invention. Some wealthy households had private bathing spaces in Victorian Britain but the dedicated bathroom did not become commonplace until the second half of the 20th Century.

Walk-in bath

Today the bathroom is considered one of the most important rooms in any home. It’s one that you’ll use several times daily and any guest to your home will also utilise this space. The modern bathroom should be both functional and stylish, whether your personal tastes run to the classic or the contemporary.

Here are five things you might expect from your 21st Century bathroom:

1. Accessibility

The ability to use the bathroom can be very important to your sense of independence and these days and mobility problems should be no bar to using and enjoying a top quality bathroom. There are various different solutions that can be applied. These include walk in baths and showers, ‘roll in showers’ that are suitable for wheelchair users and complete wet rooms. There are also numerous accessories available, such as grab bars and shower seats.

2. Relaxation

A bathroom serves a definite function. The primary purpose is for you to get clean and attend to certain bodily functions but a modern bathroom can also provide a relaxing retreat where you can soak your troubles away.

The bathtub is a great place to unwind at the end of a busy day and classic deep baths can be very relaxing, especially if you combine them with bath oils and aromatherapy candles. Alternatively, you could choose a bath with a whirlpool system or inbuilt spa that provides gentle massage with jets of air or water. This can help anyone relax but can also help ease the aches, pains and tensions associated with a range of conditions such as arthritis, rheumatism, lumbago and poor blood circulation.

3. A choice of styles

Whether you prefer classic styles or modern-looking glass and chrome, there’s a bathroom to suit your own personal tastes. The design could be specific to the bathroom itself or it might fit in with an overall theme or colour scheme prevalent in your home.

As well as the actual fixtures such as the bath and toilet you can customise accessories like your taps and any cupboards, shelves and other furniture you have in your bathroom space.

4. Functional suites

The most important items in the bathroom will be your bathroom fixtures themselves. These commonly include a bathroom sink, a bath, a shower and a toilet. Some people also opt for a bidet although in the UK this is often seen as more of a ‘continental’ option.

The exact mix you go for will depend on a number of things including your own preferences but often also the space you have available.

5. Accessories and fittings

Alongside your fixtures you can also personalise your bathroom with a wide range of fittings and accessories. You might be looking for a heated towel rack or matching toilet roll holders and robe hooks. Washing baskets, bathroom cabinets, shelves, mirrors, taps and shower heads all give you more opportunities to express your personality and really make your bathroom your own.

Lighting is also important. It should be bright enough to allow you to wash, shave or apply make-up but not so bright that you can’t relax under the glare. Consider variable lighting in your bathroom and check out this BBC guide for more inspiration.

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