5 Tips for Moving Heavy and Awkward Appliances in Your Home

Moving heavy and awkward appliances is something that should involve planning more than muscle. These bulky objects can cause injury or damage if you lose control, not to mention expensive damage to the appliance itself. When it comes time to move those appliances through your home, here are some tips to make it go smoothly.

Moving Home Truck - 5 Tips for Moving Heavy and Awkward Appliances in Your Home

  1. Have the proper equipment

Heavy appliances aren’t something you want to be carrying or dragging across the floor. Rent an appliance dolly and moving straps so you can simply roll it through the home. You can buy sliders, or gliders, that go under the appliance’s feet and allow you to safely slide it across the floor in cramped quarters. Be sure to measure any doorways or corridors to ensure the appliance will pass through easily. Wrapping the appliance in moving blankets will help to eliminate dings and scratches.

  1. Protect your home

Moving blankets, or furniture blankets, will also help to prevent damage to walls. Lay some thick cardboard or plastic pads over delicate surfaces or potential sticking points in the floor. Move aside furniture to clear a path for the appliance. Remove loose rugs, pets, small children, or anything that could cause tripping, as well as all breakable possessions from walls or tables.

  1. Refrigerator or Freezer

These are larger items that you’ll want at least one or two people to help with. When moving a refrigerator, remove the contents and unplug it beforehand. Take out removable parts like shelves and drawers. Try to keep the appliance upright, and avoid laying it down. When it’s in the new location, let it sit for about three hours before powering up again so that the compressor oil can settle.

  1. Other appliances

Turn off the water supply, and completely drain and disconnect all hoses. Unplug the cord, and secure it and all hoses within the machine. Place any stabilizing rods or supports that came with a washing machine under the drum to ensure it stays aligned. With stoves, remove any racks, and be sure the major oven heating elements and burners are secured in place. With gas appliances, call your local utility company to safely disconnect gas lines.

  1. Safety

If you’re in any doubt about your ability to move a large appliance safely and securely, call a professional moving service like Allen Davis Moving Systems to handle it. They can ensure that everything is properly secured and the appliance reaches its destination with no damage, and inconvenience or safety risks to you or your family. The proper way to move any appliance is to plan carefully and proceed slowly. If you’re going to need help, making arrangements should be your first step.

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