5 Top Reasons to Hire a Licensed Contractor

The cost of purchasing and owning a home is usually the biggest investment that is made by people in their lifetime. Therefore, property owners should do everything in their power to safeguard that investment. However, because it can cost a great deal of money to maintain and upgrade a home, owners often look for ways to save by hiring unlicensed workers who often do a lot more damage than good. Below are 5 reasons why it is safer to hire licensed contractors for building construction projects.

Licensed Contractor
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1. Proven Experience

Contractors may not obtain licenses without having a minimum amount of experience. They must also pass mandated state requirements such as business management tests. Because of this, licensing ensures a proven track record and experience. Because licensed contractors have met examination and experience requirements, jobs are likely to go more smoothly with proper safeguards in place.

Unlicensed workers generally have less experience and are likely to make more errors, some of which could be fatal. Low quality workmanship often must be redone, which costs more money. Sometimes, repairs can cost more than the original job. Also, shoddy workmanship causes accidents. Not only does this put the homeowner at risk, but his or her family and friends as well. This opens the homeowner up to lawsuits and insurance claims that could easily be avoided when licensed contractors are hired instead.

2. Quality of Work Protection

Governing authorities such as State Contractors License Boards offer free services for homeowners that provide consultation and mediation, as well as disciplinary action when necessary. However, those services are only available when licensed contractors have been engaged.

Because licensed contractors violating laws face fines and possible loss of license, they are apt to be a lot more careful in how they approach and execute construction projects. Those who are not licensed risk nearly nothing, which is why they are less reliable, take more chances and produce less quality work.

Also, license board censure remains on the contractor public record for indefinite periods of time. This makes it easier to check the record of a contractor before engaging their services. Unlicensed individuals usually have no such record. Therefore, it is hard to determine what type of complaints exist.

3. Legal Compliance

Construction jobs require building permits. When licensed contractors perform projects, inspections must be scheduled and approved so that permits may be issued. Without permits and proper notification, homeowners could be sanctioned for violating local laws. County assessors also need to be informed about permits so that they can make justified assessments of overall property on an annual basis.

4. Insurance

Licensed contractors are usually subjected to a criminal history background check during the application process. Before obtaining a license, they must also have resolved any contracting complaints that were outstanding. This requirement also relates to being eligible for liability and worker’s compensation insurance and a bond. All of these aspects protect homeowners from unnecessary liability.

Unlicensed workmen carry no insurance or liability protections. Therefore, if you, workers, family or visitors are injured on the property, the resultant damages will not be covered. Victims may file lawsuits to seek payment for medical bills, pain and suffering and loss of income. This can be devastating enough so that a homeowner could lose his home.

5. Dispute Resolution

Disputes involving licensed contractors may be dealt with through the appropriate state Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation and the Better Business Bureau. Non-licensed contractors have no such requirements. Therefore, homeowners are taking risks that should anything untoward occur, private homeowner’s or business premises insurance companies may not cover the costs.

Anyone injured due to a construction accident, no matter how minor, should obtain medical care as soon as possible. It is only through a thorough medical examination that injuries may be properly assessed. Also, injured parties should seek legal counsel from a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible to protect their rights and ensure that all costs are sufficiently covered.

Giovanna O’Neal is a mom, blogger, and homeowner who has researched stokesinjurylawyers for information on their experience litigating . She enjoys sharing informative articles so that a thorough cost assessment can be made before making improvements to real property.

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