5 Ways to Bring the Islands Home With You

Having just returned from a luxurious tropical vacation, you may find yourself longing for the beaches once again. While it may not be feasible to take weekly trips to your favorite locales, you can bring a bit of the vacation mindset home with you. By integrating some island-inspired changes to your home decor, you may feel like you are stepping a little closer to the beach just by coming home each day. Included here are a few ways to keep the vacation mindset long after your sun tan has faded.

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Make Your Bedroom Tropical

Prominently display a large seascape painting or photograph on your wall. Place family photos in a seashell theme, and for a more dedicated look, hang fishnet from the ceiling. You can even improve your air quality by bringing in a few house plants, like palms, that give you the island feel along with the clean air benefits.

Tiki Your Deck

Bring home the island barbeque feel every night this summer by decking out your deck. Add luxurious hammocks, especially in bright colors, to give you the relaxing but fun atmosphere of the beach. Bring in a few tiki torches and decorate with exposed bamboo. Change your table covering to a thatched or brightly colored woven umbrella for a more tropical feel.

Surround Yourself with the Sounds

In order to achieve an island paradise feel in your room, try to decorate with blues, greens and white. Nothing says “beach day” quite like the marimba. Build your atmosphere with the sounds of a vacation. Music by Bob Lyons will give you the steel drum appeal often present at exotic vacation spots. If you prefer the more natural atmosphere, buy a soundtrack that plays nature sounds and ocean waves. You will picture the mesmerizing birds and practically smell the salty ocean waves.

Tie Scent to Memories

One of the most powerful links to memory and nostalgia is scent. By integrating a few of your favorite tropical smells, you can better envision your relaxed days spent at the beach. Begin by using a coconut scented lotion, or a mango candle. If you want to reminisce about a day spent at the spa, create your own homemade sugar scrubs with scents you can mix and match yourself.

Taste the Ocean

There are often many delicious drinks and foods you naturally associate with the beauty of vacation. Create blended drinks or virgin smoothies from fresh tropical fruits like pineapple, mango, papaya, or strawberries. To make dinner the island way, try grilling fish or shrimp and trying a rice and avocado filled wrap. These tastes, combined with your other home improvements, should have you feeling like you are right back at the beach. All you will be missing is the sand between your toes!

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