5 Ways to Cool Down Your Garage This Summer

With temperatures beginning to soar, you might have noticed that your garage has become a hotbox of sorts. Not only is this uncomfortable, but it can be damaging to anything you have stored inside, including your car. If you need to lower the temperature inside your garage, here are five easy steps to take.

Garage - 5 Ways to Cool Down Your Garage This Summer

  1. Insulate

Most garages are not insulated properly or at all. Properly insulating your garage can make a dramatic difference in how hot it gets and doesn’t need to cost a small fortune. You can hire professionals or do it yourself easily. There are also temporary insulation options, such as thermal blankets for garage doors and clear window coverings. Whether you choose rigid foam, batt, or spray insulation, make sure it is installed properly and any gaps are sealed as well.

  1. Block out the sun

Placing a barrier between your garage and direct sunlight can also cool it down. Whether you use adjustable awnings or even plant a deciduous tree (since you’ll want the sunlight in winter to keep the garage warm), this simple fix costs very little money and may serve the dual purpose of improving the look and value of your property. If your garage has windows that allow direct sunlight inside, consider hanging blackout curtains.

  1. Install a ceiling fan

A ceiling fan helps to move and circulate air, reducing humidity and inside temperatures. Make sure you install any fan at the proper height according to the manufacturer’s instructions, which will improve the airflow and efficiency of a fan. If your garage is large enough, you might want to consider installing two ceiling fans.

  1. Consider air-conditioning

If your garage is still stifling after insulation and ventilation, you may need to use air conditioning to improve the temperature. Window units and portable air conditioners can be very effective in smaller spaces and you can turn them off when the garage is empty. Before installing any cooling system, make sure you have taken all other steps to cool your garage first, as a poorly insulated and ventilated garage is inefficient and not cost-effective.

  1. Ventilate

Ventilating your garage can improve how comfortable the air temperature is inside. Leaving a window open or opening the doors can help ventilate your garage, especially with ceiling fans installed. If you’re worried about security or allowing critters access to the garage, stationary vents on the roof are inexpensive and can help cool the area by allowing hot air to escape.

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