5 Ways to Help Keep Your Garage Secure

Do you pay sufficient attention to garage security issues? Safeguarding this important area of a residence helps prevent break-ins, car thefts and automotive vandalism. Whether attached directly to the residence or separated from it, locked garages help deter residential crime.

Garage Door - 5 Ways to Help Keep Your Garage Secure

Keys to Garage Security 

Consider addressing these five issues when you evaluate your garage security. It makes little sense to invest in locks and alarm systems to protect a residence without also securing the garage.

  1. Can you (and do you) keep your garage locked when not in use?

Homeowners sometimes fail to appreciate the importance of keeping garages locked when not in use. A casually raised and unattended garage door may permit a thief to abscond with valuable items stored in the garage. If the garage adjoins a residence or back yard, keeping the garage open during the day may also provide a way for an intruder to enter the home undetected. Unlocked, open garages pose a safety hazard.

  1. Do you maintain adequate lighting in and around the garage at night?

Inspect your garage to ensure your household enjoys adequate lighting in (and outside) the garage. You may find it helpful to keep a flashlight in an accessible location in the garage in case a power failure occurs after dark.

  1. Have you taken steps to secure garage windows?

If your garage contains windows, you’ll want to ensure you install window locks and, possibly, protective metal window grilles to discourage break-ins. Remember an open garage window provides an access point to the interior. Try and keep exterior shrubbery from obscuring the window; it could provide a location for an intruder to obtain concealment while jimmying a garage window lock.

  1. Do you store valuable items in the garage?

If you keep expensive shop tools, guns or other marketable property stored in the garage, place these items out of sight. Secure these valuables behind a separate lock, too. Always keep guns in a gun safe.

  1. Do you obtain regular garage door maintenance?

Most automatic garage doors lock securely. Obtain periodic garage door maintenance from a company like Shank Door to ensure your door closes and locks correctly.

Enjoy a Secure, Safe Garage 

A secure garage offers greater peace of mind for residents, particularly at night. Homeowners can prevent painful property losses by ensuring the garage remains tightly shut when not in use!

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