5 Ways to Make the Master Bathroom the Best Room in the House

Hectic schedules, an excess of obligations and the general stress of daily life can leave you feeling tired and yearning for a few quiet, secluded moments. The following tips can help you create a master bathroom that will offer you such functionality and tranquility that it may become the best room in the house.

Make the Master Bathroom the Best Room in the House


It is difficult to feel a sense of serenity in a room that looks cluttered and chaotic. The first step to designing a master bath that feels tranquil is to add storage space and organizers to the room to keep it functional and orderly. Free-standing cabinets, shelves, hooks and decorative baskets are a few helpful additions that will keep your bathroom attractively organized.


Using multiple forms of lighting in the master bath can help with the designation of specific spaces and make the room more functional. You’ll need task lighting such as pendant lights or wall mount lights at the vanity area. A lovely chandelier as ambient lighting would make the room feel more luxurious. You will want some lighting in your shower area. Mood setting lighting such as battery-powered candles or wall sconces will help create that soothing spa-like atmosphere that will help you relax.


A rain shower faucet is a luxury you can treat yourself to so that each time you step into the shower, you feel momentarily transported to a place of peaceful serenity. A waterfall faucet at the sink is also a great addition to a master bath.

Designate Space

If two people share a master bath, the ideal arrangement is for them to have separate vanities. A minimal amount of personal items should be on the countertop. There are some exquisite luxury shaving accessories that can easily become an attractive part of the bathroom decor when displayed on a counter. A small collection of luxury fragrance bottles on a mirrored tray can be used as decorative decor at the woman’s vanity.

Personal Pampering

To make your master bath the best room in the house, you may want to include some luxurious bath towels and a couple of thick, plush rugs. A heated towel bar would certainly elevate the elegance in your master bath. Add some foliage plants and soothing art to the room and you’ll have an impress retreat.

Implementing some of these ideas will enable you to create a spa-like master bathroom retreat. Of all the tips mentioned, organization is the key to establishing a serene atmosphere.

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