6 Areas to Address for a Smooth Business Relocation

Businesses relocate for many reasons. Some outgrow their present space. Others find their current location becoming less and less suitable the more their business evolves. Such “growing pains” are normal and a relatively good indicator that a business needs to expand. Considering which packaging is needed when moving can save a lot of time in the process.

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Whatever the reason for the move, however, the business owner who is equipped to handle its inevitable challenges will enjoy a far smoother transition than the one who ventures forth unprepared.

The following are six areas in which a bit of wise planning can help make almost any business relocation easier:

1. Safely Transporting Business Valuables

Cardboard boxes and bubble wrap are wise purchases where the safe transport of computers and other vital business equipment are critical. Hand carts and portable lifts, typically available on a rental basis, can also make the job of carrying, loading and unloading heavy items safer and less strenuous.

2. Choosing the Right Location

Ensuring that the new location is well-suited to the company’s needs is crucial. Is it big enough … convenient enough … visible enough? Will there be sufficient space for parking? A little extra space for future expansion might also help prepare the business for its next stage of growth, hopefully eliminating the need for another move within the next few years.

3. Notifying Stakeholders

Notifying customers, suppliers and other business contacts of the planned move – and updating all promotional materials, business cards, stationery and other print materials that contain the company’s address and telephone number – will help make the move more efficient. Announcing the upcoming relocation on the company’s website and blog (if they have one) will give your business-related contacts more time to prepare for the change.

4. Updating Billing Processes

Business owners who ensure that customer billing and supplier payment processes have been modified to reflect their businesses’ changing circumstances – and do so well in advance of their move – will find that the financial aspects of the relocation flow much more smoothly and create far fewer headaches for everyone involved.

5. Staying Connected

The importance of making certain that phone and internet service are active at the new location before leaving the old can never be overstated. Business owners can’t afford to be “unplugged” – particularly at a time when other logistics arising from the move will undoubtedly already disrupt business to one extent or another. Filing a timely change-of-address form with the postal service will also help ensure that no important written business communications fall by the wayside.

6. Focusing on the Vision

The stress of relocation can test the most experienced business owners’ ingenuity and resolve. Yet, calmly focusing on their vision for their companies can provide the perspective these business owners need to move their businesses’ physical trappings to their new locations whilst moving their businesses themselves forward into the future.

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