6 Classic Ideas To Design A Green Bedroom

When it comes to designing bedrooms, it can be increasingly difficult to choose a colour. However, if your heart is set on one colour you have always loved, it becomes very simple. Green is a colour that connects you to nature. It brings about character to a room, combined with elements like comfort, elegance and cosiness.

green theme bedroom

If you are ready to do a green theme bedroom, you have a lot of open option to choose from on how to execute that ‘green-ness’ in your room. Here are some classic ideas to design a green bedroom:

  1. Get wallpaper: Here’s the fun part. You can find wallpapers in every colour, texture, style and tone possible. Want a metallic outlook? Get a silvery green. Want it to look funky? Get green polka dots. More into subtle colours? Opt for that textured pale green one. The options are to die for and you can create a very classy look with wallpapers.
  2. The furnishing: Leave the walls pale white or beige and bring in the green in form of furnishings? A pale green sofa will complement the white walls beautifully. And soft, plush green cushions will be the highlight of the room. Not only that, but green vases overflowing with flowers, a white cabinet with green doorknobs? There’s no end to what you can get in the market if you choose this method.
  3. Artwork: Art attracts any eye, and provides taste to your house. Buy some green frames and mount them up with family pictures. These are not only your memories but it does the job pretty nicely. Not only that, but oil paintings, framed artwork and mirrors will spice up any room.
  4. Bring nature indoors: Since green is Mother Nature’s favourite colour too, you can get some help if you want to design a green bedroom. If you live in a very open space, be sure to keep the curtains pulled away. The natural sunlight will bring in the green from the plants and trees to give a summery touch to your home. Even pale green walls will shine in that light and make your room like right out of a fairytale.
  5. Do the walls: The first option, obviously, is to paint the walls green. All you have to do is find the perfect colour you are looking for and get it applied. I would suggest going for a lighter green on the walls, and darker furniture. Even the natural beauty of leather beds and accessories will look heavenly when mixed with green. If you add touches of lavender and blue, you can create a bright and breezy room.
  6. Make sure you have the best lights: Even if you don’t want to go overboard with the greens, you can do a trick. Colour your walls a sea grass green which glows with serenity, and raise it to another level with soft romantic lights. They will provide the needed elegance, the touch of gloss and utter peace to an otherwise dull room.

Green bedroom

Well, these were some ideas on how to incorporate green to your bedroom. Go read it again and see which option is feasible to your budget and feels good to the heart. You are ready to launch the green machine!

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