6 Funny Interior Décor Ideas for the Kitchen

If you are looking to spruce up your home, consider redecorating the most valued area – the kitchen. You can redecorate it as a whole or you can just redecorate specific kitchen parts. If you are a fun person and you would like for your personality to be reflected in your home, here are some funny interior décor ideas that you can try out as detailed by the experts at Drapery Stores Inc. in Canada.

natural bowl sink

The bowl sink
You can get a bowl sink. This sink looks like a serving bowl. It is cost-effective and will naturally fit into your kitchen since its design is food themed.

The food lamp shade and bulb
Some people do not like too much light in the kitchen. As a result, a lamp shade or dim bulb can help sort this out. Ideally, there are lampshades and bulbs which have food pictures designed on them. When you switch on the lights, the whole kitchen will be flooded with pictures of food all over. For instance, if you use a lampshade which has grape fruits designed on it, your kitchen will be filled with grape fruits. This helps to break the monotony of having a plain kitchen both during the night and at daytime.

The human hand dust bin
This can be custom-made as per the customer’s request. Though some people may find it creepy, it looks funny in the sense that it shows a human hand pointing at where to dispose trash. Clients who have little kids find this very convenient. Kids understand sign language better. This well directs them where to throw stuff.

The crying tap
The crying tap looks like a human eye with tears streaming down. It is custom-made as per the customer’s requirements. When the tap is opened, water comes out, resembling a crying human being.

Crazy label designs
Crazy label designs have been used from time immemorial. However, there are good quality ones that are now available. One area where such labels can be used are on windows. The labels can be used to provide cautionary measures or to provide more insight on what needs to be done. For example in a house with LPG gas cooker, a label could be stuck next to the window with the words, “Open Me”. This reminds the person in the kitchen to open the window before they light the gas.

Other crazy label ideas include sticking a label on the dustbin reading “Use me or make the house dirty”. Another example of funny labels can be an engravement on the sink reading, “Wash your hands here or get sick.” Others interior décor crazy labels for the sink could be “Be responsible, wash utensils.”

The warning floor
This is also convenient for people who have kids. In such a case, the floor is designed with warnings to keep children away from the kitchen. An example of this can be, “Kitchen swallows small kids,” complete with the picture of an angry crocodile. You can use some funny interior décor ideas for trim your Kitchen.

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