6 Home Improvement Apps for iOS & Android

Nowadays, people now use their smartphones for home improvement. Your phone may not be the replacement for a full set of tools but it can store applications where the homeowners can gather inspiration, re-imagine and re-design the space, and even contact an interior designer for professional opinion.


If you are planning to renovate or re-design your house soon, here are 6 home renovation apps that may come in handy once you began to work:

1. Houzz

The Houzz mobile app features millions of professional quality pictures of home renovations for inspiration. You can find articles, read the forums for advice and even purchase products for sale. In addition to that, you can also look at the portfolios and design profiles of professionals to find the ones that will work for you on your project.

2. TapPainter

This app lets you take photos of your home and lay with the available paint colors on your device without getting paint splotches all over your house. Feel free to play with colors from the wheel. You can change the hue, brightness, and even the saturation. You can also match the colors to the objects in your photo then save and share using this app. Unfortunately though, this app is currently available only for iOS devices.

3. Home Design 3D

Home Design 3D allows you to fully redesign your house in 3D, just like how professional architects and engineers do. It is available for both iOS and Android and you will need an account to access its basic features. You can also upgrade to premium to grant you additional features like sharing and saving.

4. Magic Plan

With this app, you will be able to gather visual data to create an indoor map. Start by taking picture of your indoor space from one side to another. If you need to tackle more angles, you can change the calibration to improve the accuracy. With more than 400 fixtures, you will be able to create your floor plan with appliances and electrical devices. You can also share the map with other users and see their creations as well if you need inspiration.

5. iHandy Carpenter

Available in both iPhone and Android, this app provides five measuring tools (ruler, surface level, plumb bob, protractor, and bubble level) that will help you measure your house’s interior for accuracy when you need to relocate furniture and other objects.

6. iFixIt

This app lets the user view tutorials on how to diagnose and repair their own furnishings and appliances. If ever you need replacement parts, you can check out their online store, which is almost always complete, and purchase there.

In addition to everything, people rely on their smartphone to do a lot of things. They can go online on their social media accounts, connect with their family and friends, purchase and sell goods, and keep data. Thankfully, there are a lot of apple repair services in Los Angeles and all around the world to take care of the phone in case something happens that is beyond the knowledge of the owner.


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