6 of the Best Statement Pieces for Your Garden

If you want your garden to exude an unforgettable sense of luxury, it will need an impressive statement piece. This statement piece will act as a focal point for the whole garden and friends and guests will feel like they are in paradise. Finding a statement piece requires you to look at the amount of outdoor space you have to spare and spend time transforming that in to an unforgettable feature.

Water Garden - 6 of the Best Statement Pieces for Your Garden

Here are a few of the best statement pieces for your garden that’ll draw the eye and ease the soul when in your garden.

Swimming Pool

A swimming pool is the ultimate sign of luxury. Swimming pools are far more than just visual pieces for the garden, though. Swimming has a range of health benefits from helping to treat arthritis to boosting your mood and energy levels. One important issue to remember when you are considering whether to buy a swimming pool is that it does require a high degree of maintenance throughout the year. However, it’s also a wonderful item to sit, chat, drink and laugh around – a focal point in your back yard.

Hot Tub

If your outdoor space cannot accommodate a swimming pool, a hot tub is a good option. You can unwind in the warm water after a long day at work or throw parties for friends and families. A brilliant party trick and a romantic way to spend evenings and weekends, you won’t regret installing this statement piece on your patio.

Fountains and Water Features

One lavish statement piece is to put a fountain in a natural body of water in your garden, such as a lake. These pieces are easy to find at Water-Garden.Co.Uk and will add instant glamour to any garden. Water features of any kind will add an air of serenity and attract beautiful creatures into your garden.

Exotic Plants

One of the best ways to enhance the beauty of your garden and make a statement is to plant rare and impressive plants. Flowers that drape across awnings like wisteria and passion flower work very well for this purpose. Depending on how green-thumbed you are, it could be worth planting a selection of rare flowers in your garden as a statement piece.

Swinging Seat

This is a classic piece of garden furniture which has recently surged in popularity. Adding a swing or a swinging seat to your garden adds a touch of relaxation and fun. It is an unforgettable statement piece that is also highly functional. You can sit back and enjoy your garden while swinging in the breeze.


An orangery technically refers to a greenhouse where citrus trees are grown. However, an orangery is now any type of decorative conservatory or exterior building. This is a stunning statement piece and there are dozens of tips for decorating your orangery to an impeccable standard. Don’t forget to light up your orangery so that it is a spectacle after night falls. Fairy lights and candles will help it to it dazzle in the moonlight.

Your garden design style should reflect which statement piece you choose, whether you have a large or small space and your budget will also have a part to play, too. Make purchase from Water-garden.co.uk. It treasures a wide collection of breathtaking products for an affordable price.

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