6 Reasons To Have Backup Pool Filters On Hand

The pool filters you have to fit inside your pool pump are the very things that keep your pump system working. Without a filter, you’re unable to collect the dirt, mold, bacteria, and everything else responsible for the quality of water you have grown so accustomed to. All it takes is a little something extra to enter the pool and you’re unable to enjoy yourself inside the water.

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There are six good reasons why you want backup pool filters on hand at all times.

1. You always want to swim. When you enjoy the water and you enjoy having a pool, you don’t want anything to stand in your way of being able to go in the water and have a good time. Especially if you don’t have an indicator on your pump, the filter can go at any time. You probably don’t want to run down to the store to get a filter, so it’s best to have a few on hand “just in case.”

2. Extra dirt can get inside. Particularly when your pool is outside and you don’t have a screened in cage, your pool may get a little extra dirty. If there’s a storm in the area, a lot of extra debris is going to enter the pool. This means that your pump and the filter inside the pump will be working extra time. You don’t want to be unable to filter everything out, so you will need a few extra pool filters so it can do its job properly.

3. Bulk is more affordable. You should always buy your filters in bulk so you can save money. It’s going to be a lot cheaper to buy six at a time instead of one at a time. Since your pool isn’t going anywhere, you might as well go ahead and get more filters so you always have them in standby mode.

4. Lots of people over. When you have a lot of people in the pool, your filters are likely going to be working on overtime. You’ll notice that your filters are used up faster when you have more people in the pool. If you’re entering the summertime and you know you’re going to have a few pool parties, you want to be sure that your supply closet has a few filters, otherwise you may find that your pool party isn’t going to be much fun when no one is going to jump inside the pool because of poor water quality.


5. Your pump needs a filter. For the most part, your pump isn’t going to operate without a filter in place. Even if your pump does run without one, it’s not going to be doing much good. You don’t want your pump not running because that’s when you run into problems like water mold, algae along the walls of the pool, and other issues. You don’t want to churn the water manually when you enter chemicals, so you rely on the pump – and the filter, to do its job.

6. Filters can be hard to find. Your local pool supply store can only keep so many filters in stock at a time. If you have one of the less common pumps on the market, you may find that they don’t carry your filters. And if you have one of the most common pumps, you may find that they are always out of your filters. You don’t want to run into problems with them being out of what you need, so if you have a backup filter on hand all the time, you never have to worry.

Your pool is only going to be as enjoyable as the water inside. If you’re not cleaning the water and filtering it on a regular basis, it’s not going to be high quality. You won’t want to go into the pool and neither will anyone else. If you have backup filters, you can ensure the water will always be great and you can make the most of the pool. Not only will you save money by getting the filters in bulk but also you can be sure you’re ready for anything else that may go on in and around your pool.

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Bob Quigly is a landscaping and family fun enthusiast who contributes to many blogs on behalf of Backyard Ocean for the best intex pool filers.

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