6 Reasons why should you Choose Laminated Flooring

Laminate flooring is the new generation flooring chosen by families who want a stylish, easy to care, maintenance free and yet not very expensive.

Laminated Flooring - 6 Reasons why should you Choose Laminated Flooring

Advantages of Laminated Flooring

  • Due to ease in care and maintenance, it is mostly preferred by young families, wherein there is a lot of spillage on the floor and a lot of movement of furniture and other items in the house. It does not get dented by furniture placement or shifting, thus makes an ideal solution for flooring.
  • You get to select from a huge collection of designs, colors, patterns and shades. So choose the one that is compatible with your home décor and is also within your budget.
  • Resilience and toughness make laminated flooring a preferred product.
  • The process of manufacturing laminated flooring is quite unique, wherein five layers of the material are glued and bonded under very high pressure, resulting in a very robust, hard-wearing, resilient product and at the same time aesthetically impressive.
  • Laminated flooring does not get damaged by moisture and is ideal for bathrooms where it can be effectively used without getting swollen, shrunk or warped.
  • It does not fade in sunlight, hence is a perfect choice for indoor as well as outdoor flooring for both home as well as commercial complexes.

Installation of Laminate Flooring

  • Installing the laminate flooring like egger flooring is a very simple process and can be done by the homeowner. However, with professional help you can be sure of flawless installation.
  • Initially the surface of the floor on which the installation takes place, should be leveled in case of unevenness. The elevations and depressions, if any, should be filled in.
  • A gap of 1/4″” should be maintained along the perimeter of the area, where the laminate is to be laid. The installations should not be very close to the wall.
  • The planks should be thoroughly checked for damages before installation in order to save the trouble of removing them once they are installed since it is very difficult to remove them once installed and it results in further damage to the nearby planks.
  • Secure the planks and tiles together on the floor. Normally laminate floors do not require any glue to secure them, and sometimes using glue can crack them. The variety of pre-glued floors made in factories can also be used, in which some water needs to be applied to the planks to activate the glue before installation. Mostly the glue-less laminate installation is preferred since it is less messy, installation can be done faster and not much of expertise is required in installing it.
  • After installation, the laminate floors need three days to settle. It will prevent moisture from percolating inside and also prevent any expansion or contraction. It also avoids any kind of unevenness on the floor.

The simple process of installation acts as an added advantage to opt for the laminate flooring, the most preferred type of flooring in the modern era where everybody wants a mix of convenience, ease in maintenance and aesthetically attractive and yet economical flooring solution.

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