6 Reasons Why Tiling Is The Best Option For Your Home

For thousands of years tiles have been used to create beautiful living spaces that are both functional and durable. Today, they are still used in majority of household in a number of rooms including the bathroom, the kitchen and the living room.

Kitchen flooring

Tiles are so versatile and durable that they can be used on any wall or any floor and can even be effectively used outdoors too. This is the reason why they are so popular and continue to be a household favourite.

We have created a list of 6 reasons why you should opt for tile flooring and wall tiles within your home. They are:

1. Hygienic
Tiles are incredibly easy to clean and wipe down, so spills are not a problem – a bonus if you have children or pets. They are also very quick to dry too, so odours and moisture are removed from your home almost instantly. Unlike carpets, tiles are extremely easy to keep clean; in fact a simple brush would remove most of the dirt after it had collected instead of getting the hoover out.

wall tiles

2. Durable
Like we mentioned previously, tile flooring and wall tiles are functional and durable. This means that once you have them in your home, they will stay there and will remain to look great for a number of years, with minimum maintenance. The colour of them will not fade and are stain and wear resistant.

3. Health
Tiles are brilliant for allergy prevention, unlike the other common flooring type, carpet. They do not harbour dust or mites and are easier to clean, which can greatly reduce allergens, germs and mould. This can also improve air quality too.

4. Style
Looking good is important, and can often be the make or break between beautiful décor and a bland home. Tiles can be purchased in a number of different textures, colours, sizes and styles, so finding the right design is easy and will suit your existing décor, so no need to redecorate. Because there are so many styles, you can put your stamp on the property but can still ensure that the house is practical.


5. Economical
As we said before, tiles can last a number of years so when comparing them with carpets, their life span is much greater which will be a much better return on investment. As upkeep is reduced too, you will save money on electricity and stain removal products.

Sometimes tiles can be more expensive that fitting carpet around your home, but the return on investment is much more worthwhile over the time you have it. If you were to have carpet and someone spilt red wine, for example, your carpet could be instantly ruined, compared to tiles that would simply need to be wiped.

6. Environment
Another positive reason to have tiles within your home is they are eco-friendly. Because they are made from clay and natural materials, most options can be recycled. More and more people are becoming aware of our environment and trying to help save the planet with small changes and making the change from carpet to tiles, could be a big one.

Tiles will continue to be one of the most popular flooring and wall-covering options for our homes and for good reason too. Of course, you do need to consider what flooring is best for you dependant on your household. For example, if you have children or pets then a thicker tile would be more beneficial and longer lasting than a tile that is thinner and has a key emphasis on design.

Considering how often it will be walked on and how long you want the floor for with greatly narrow your search for the perfect tile.

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