6 Room Design Ideas for the Minimalist

There are days when you just want to keep everything in its simplest form. You want to free things from the pressure of being too intricate and loud. Your fashion sense, state of mind—and yes, even your bedroom. Minimalism is one thing that never goes out of style and can be applied to almost every part of your home.

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Designing your bedroom this way does not really require major detailing if you would just know how to mix and match pieces together without the arrangement looking too plain. Sometimes, those people who want to have a minimal-looking room go for the overkill by putting in tasteless furnishings which ruin space instead of improving it. One should be able to strike a balance between shapes, colours and patterns when going for minimalist-themed rooms.

However, before this can be achieved, I suggest that you do a little dusting or carpet cleaning in your humble Adelaide home. De-cluttering and having spotless space is a good thing to start with. In this article, you will be able to gather more ideas for your next bedroom project: the minimalist design. Let your creative juices flow and start now!

  1. Vintage

Pick a pale colour palette for this design, preferably gray or beige hues. You may pick a four-poster bed with a frame made of dark wood. Place ornately-designed upholstered chairs and a small oak table to serve as your additional décor. Hang Edwardian-style curtains on your window panel and a framed vanity mirror for maximum effect.

  1. Tropical

Bring the beach vibe into your room by creating a tropical ambience for it. Infuse blue, yellow and orange hues together for a perfect sea and sunset mood. Keep everything else toned down—white-wash your walls and have crisp white sheets. Wrap your pillows in tie-dyed cases. Place a fishbowl filled halfway with sand and adorned with small conch shells, or perhaps a mini-aquarium. Hang chimes made of seashells by your doorway. If you live near the sea, keep your windows open to let the cool breeze come in.

  1. Pop Art-inspired

It’s not entirely true that you should only stick to neutral colours when having a minimalist design. Add a bit of pop art influence in your bedroom. Start with painting your walls with white, black or gray. Cover your bed with a white bed sheet and your pillows with solid- and bright-coloured cases. Use printed curtains for your windows. As for the highlight of your room, hang an Andy Warhol-inspired or colourful retro artwork on one part of your wall. Make all elements visually appealing without losing simplicity.

  1. Rustic

The rustic look is very interesting for me since it could incorporate different eras in one design. Many people confuse rustic with antique—rustic refers to country-style designs while antique is used to describe something very old, usually furniture that is about a hundred years old. Apparently, combining rustic and minimalistic looks can create a cozy ambience for your bedroom. This design is based mainly on taupe and light brown shades. Pick a bed made of teak wood, and a medium-sized nightstand made of structured driftwood. Add curtains at ceiling height to make your windows look larger. The wood element gives more warmth to the overall look. A matching taupe-coloured mat or rug would complement the design as long as it would not take away attention from other details in the room.

  1. Asian-Styled

More than the colours, prioritize balance if you want an Asian-themed minimalist bedroom. It would be easier for you to simplify things because all you need to do is create harmony. Beds with low-lying frames are your best bet for this design. Install panels with frosted glass to divide your space with style. You may also create a fusion of different Asian influences such as oriental, south-eastern or Indian. Use lanterns instead of fixed lights.

  1. Nature-Based

Connect with nature in your personal sanctuary. Use earth tones for your colour scheme, especially on your beddings and furniture. You may opt to use a bed sheet printed with natural designs such as flowers and trees, or a beautiful textured blanket. Line your window panes with greens. Make a vase of colourful dahlias as a table centerpiece. You’re lucky if you have a beautiful view of lush greenery outside your window—this would complete the nature-based design that you want.

Big Ideas for Minimal Styles

The best part of applying a minimalist theme to your bedroom is that it would be flexible enough for future trends. You can play up any part of your house when you stick to simpler and less-complicated designs. Save these ideas for future reference or better yet, make a minimalist bedroom design of your own!


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