6 Simple and Effective Tips for Accessorising Your Living Room

Visitors are a common phenomenon for every socializing family and there needs to be an appropriate place ready to welcome them home. This is where the concept of well furnished living room comes in. Living rooms are used to host guests and visitors with great poise and pride, so they need to be furnished appropriately, able to offer everything from visual appeasement to physical comfort. One fine way of making a living room guest-worthy is by accessorising it duly. However, this actually turns out much easier said than do. So, we are here to help you with 6 simple and effective tips for accessorising your living room.

Well Furnished Living Room

1  Follow a design concept

Planning is quite essential for furnishing your home, particularly the living room. There are countless ways of going about it, so you need to choose and follow the one you like the most. Otherwise, a mix of various design concepts would most probably turn into a total design chaos, which is the last thing someone need in their living room. Not only your furniture should follow a design concept, but the furnishing essentials should be complemented equally well with right accessories. You better not go ahead before finalizing a colour theme for decorating your living room, which serves as the base of the whole venture.

2  Appropriate window treatment is a must

While decorating a room, people often tend to overlook small but essential elements of furnishing and accessorising, which negatively affects the overall impact of their design endeavours. Window treatment is one such area, which remains off-the-grid for many people while furnishing their living rooms. There are many types of window treatments to choose from nowadays, varying in everything from colour to fabric and style. You better consider the best combo able to best complement your overall design scheme.

3  Accenting the floor

You can add a unique twist in your room decor by simply being creative in accenting the floor space of the room using different types of carpets, rugs or even tile work. In fact, you can use plain as well as printed carpets and rugs. Moreover, fabric of the carpets also a significant plays role in defining the texture of your room decor.

4  Lamps and lighting

No matter how well you decorate your living room, you won’t be able to get the best of its decor unless it has appropriate lighting. So, it is very important to choose lighting fixtures that are not only able to reflect your style statement, but that also serve the practical aspects of lighting a room. Lamps are great in serving such purposes. Since there is an unimaginable variety in lamp styles, choosing one perfectly fulfilling your requirements no more remains a painstaking task.

5  Incorporate storage solutions

Storage is yet another area in living room decor that gets the least attention by majority of people. People apply wonderful decorating ideas in a living room only to find out clutter marring the whole effect, wasting all their time and efforts in the end. To avoid such issues, incorporating practical yet eye-pleasing storage solutions is quite imperative. There are many ways and means to do so, ranging from hanging bookshelves to coffee tables with storage to sofa beds with HomeArena.

6  Get greener

Irrespective of the theme and style of accessorising your living room, there is one great treatment that can enhance the beauty and freshness of your living room decor, i.e. adding greenery to it. Indoor plants and flowers add that unique twist of freshness to any and every living room interior.


You can decorate your living room in your own unique way, fulfilling your specialised aesthetic as well as practical demands to offer your guests the best time every time they show up. All you need to do is follow these simple but effective tips.

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