6 Tips for Keeping Your Carpet Looking Like New

Carpets are great and they provide your home with plenty of benefits. They can improve the appearance of your space and be incredibly stylish. They look cozy and feel much nicer than a simple wooden floor. They add to the floor insulation, and they’re even good for your health since you are less likely to slip and fall if you walk on a carpet instead of a bare floor. In addition, they trap dust and dirt until you vacuum, so it enables the allergens to fly around and enter your organism through the respiratory system.

carpet cleaning - 6 Tips for Keeping Your Carpet Looking Like New

However, in order to have a nice, beautiful carpet all the time, you have to pay a lot of attention to it. Maintenance is vital as a dirty carpet smells bad, doesn’t look good, and can even pose a danger to your and your family’s health. If not cleaned regularly, it can be a home to fungi, dust, and mold, all of which can cause serious health issues. So here are some tips for keeping your carpet beautiful, fresh, and danger-free.

1. Vacuum regularly

This is one of the best things you can do for the hygiene of your carpet. Regular vacuuming can remove all the skin cells we shed (and we do shed a lot – supposedly 1 million of them every hour), which reduces the numbers of microorganisms which feed on them. Also, vacuuming will deal with parasites, insects, etc, so your home will be safer from those pesky intruders. When you vacuum, make sure you do it slowly and carefully because the quick work won’t do the trick. Want a pro advice? Sprinkle baking soda over your carpet half an hour before you vacuum, and let it set. The soda will work as a disinfectant and help you make the most of a single vacuuming.

2. Remove stains immediately

The longer you leave it alone, the more firmly it’ll stick. There’s no way around it, you absolutely must deal with stains as they come. Keep a cleaning solution near, and whenever an accident happens, soak the spot in it, and then press on the carpet with a clean cloth or a paper towel. Repeat the process as many times as needed, but never rub, as rubbing can destroy the carpet. Club soda will work well for stubborn spots, but try to learn the basics for specific kinds of spills.

remove stains - 6 Tips for Keeping Your Carpet Looking Like New

3. Have your carpet deep-cleaned regularly

Because vacuuming cannon deal with all of the dirt that accumulates in your carpets over the time, you need to have them deep-cleaned once or twice a year. Even if your carpet doesn’t necessarily look dirty, regular maintenance is important because it will help prevent crushing of threads and dulling of colors, and it will make it easier to remove the stains that appear later because most of the professional carpet cleanings include stain protection. It will also prolong the life of your carpet, and it’ll make it stay beautiful for a long time.

4. Ban the shoes from the house 

In Japan, it is customary to leave your shoes at the door and accept the slippers that the host usually provides for you to wear inside the house. Leave your shoes in the hall, and make your family and friends do the same.  This will keep the dirt away from your carpets, and since slippers are usually softer than shoes, you will also reduce the possibility of ruining the threads of the carpet. Plus, slippers are much cozier than shoes, don’t you think?

family - 6 Tips for Keeping Your Carpet Looking Like New

5. Use rugs

For all of the high-traffic areas in your house, use rugs. They are much easier to clean, and when you don’t need them you can put them away with relative ease. If you put them in the areas such as hallways, entryways and the like, they will collect most of the dirt from the people’s shoes, so your carpets will have less to deal with when it’s their turn. An additional plus is that they can look highly decorative, and they can also bring in a pop of color in the areas that otherwise look a little too tame.

6. Avoid unnecessary risks

A little prevention goes a long way, so when the risk of spills and stains is heightened, take necessary precautions to protect your carpet. Find a good carpet protector for all the situations which may require it, from potential painting works in your home to birthday parties. Carpet protectors will reduce or even completely remove the risk of spills seeping into the threads of your carpet, so you’ll still have a clean carpet after the critical period is over.

Carpets are a wonderful way to bring warmth and comfort into your home. Take a good care of yours, and it’ll be pretty and full of life for a long time.

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