7 Best House Moving Tips You Never Knew

The idea of moving to a new house is quite scary as the sparking reminiscences of lifting heavy furniture strikes fear into the heart. Moving includes long time planning, packing, loading, cleaning and much more and you have to face even more challenges when you arrive at your new home. If you live in Anaheim, you can hire professional movers in Anaheim to make your move stress-free. Below are some tried and tested moving tips that can save you time and trouble and make your moving experience enjoyable.

Moving Home - 7 Best House Moving Tips You Never Knew

  1. Get organized early

Leaving anything for the last minute can put you into a hitch as you may end up with forgetting something valuable in a hurry. Hence it will be wise to start planning your move before 30 or 60 days.

Itemize everything and create a list of all the items to make your move run smoothly. Enlisting the items will also help you to estimate the moving cost and plan according to your budget.

  1. Decide your moving strategy

After listing out all your items, decide your strategy. If you need a shorter move, ask your friends for help and also rent trucks for that day. For a long distance move, hiring a professional moving company like Anaheim Movers will be a better option for you.

  1. Go for an off season booking

Next, comes the moving time. If you are thinking to get help from a professional, booking in advance will save your money. Also, try to book them on weekdays if possible as a weekend move may often be more expensive.

  1. Dispose of flammable liquids

While moving, it is essential to ensure your safety as little carelessness can lead to property damage or even life. The flammable liquids like thinners, paint and cleaning fluids should be disposed before moving as it is illegal to transport this kind of items.

Moreover, the gas cylinders, air bottles, and other similar containers should be kept empty before several days of moving.

  1. Remove unwanted items

Don’t carry any old unwanted items to your new place. You can think of donating these items to charity or sell it as there are plenty of options out there. Avoid packing all the unused or unnecessary items to save your money, time and effort.

  1. Measure doors and entrances

What if you are lifting heavy furniture on that day and suddenly you realize it is hard to move through your doors? Well, measuring your doors, entrances ad hallways can save you from this trouble as you will find out whether it will fit through your doors or not. This can help you to discover the way to easily move your larger items out of the house without any struggle.

  1. Do a safety check

As you reach to your new house, consider kids’ safety and check every place before letting your kids enter and roam around the house.  Don’t forget to check pool fencing and be sure there are no garden hazards before leaving the children to play in the garden.

Put these life-saving moving tips into action to make your moving more peaceful and enjoyable. Moreover, you can opt for Professional movers in Anaheim to make your move more comfortable.

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