7 Insights Into Sash Windows

Sash windows are capable of reflecting the history of the building. They tell a lot about the architectural changes which have been witnessed over the years. Not only this, information about social hierarchy, building economics, crafting genius and even the modernization of technologyare obtained. These windows also symbol of ancient English culture, and thereby, need to be looked after thoroughly. Any damag should be immediately repaired and renovation should also be at top of the priority list. If there are any damages to the windows, often the owners are posed with a haunting thought that they have to replace the entire structure which may reduce the beauty of the windows. But only the damaged parts can be refurbished, often bringing back the original conditions.

standard refurbishment

The Option Of Refurbishing
Refurbishing is the cheapest option and can constitute installing draught proofing system and creating a fully functional window which can conserve heat and reduce noise pollution. Often the refurbished models look the same as the original ones. Small areas, where rotting may have started taking place, can be dug out and filled with a two part epoxy filling system that is then added with sand to smoothen and even out the finishing to make an exact copy of the existing structure.

The standard refurbishment procedure undertaken by the Sash Windows North West Limited includes the following steps:- 

  • Removal of sashes from the main frame
  • Inspecting the sashes and the box visually, and then identify the repairs which are necessary.
  • Completion of all timber repairs to include spicing, filling, re-glazing and sill repairing
  • Sanding all running surface of the boxes and the sashes to ensure smooth operation in the window.
  • Ensuring that the existing weights are sufficient
  • Re-installation of the sashes into the boxes on completion of all repairs
  • Testing the window for performance and operation

Draught Proofing
Heat loss is a problem faced by many house owners as, most of the times, inefficient heat conservation is responsible. Windows are a great source of heat loss. In the cold areas, cold air can still enter the roomsin spite of paying a lot of money against it. This is why draught proofing process should be done in such a way that there is no unnecessary heat loss. In this way electricity bills are also saved. A bare wood is treated and the top sash is replaced and checked whether it is aligned or not before the parting bead is fitted. This will definitely result in no more cold air and dust entering the room.

New Windows
Sometimes the windows are so damaged that they cannot be repaired. It may also happen that new windows are required for a new construction. North West is the ideal to supply and fit brand new http://www.sashwindows-northwest.co.uk. They are available in traditional corded and weighted sliding sash windows. Following are some of the advantages of the windows:

  • The windows are suitable for listed buildings and conservation areas
  • The windows are built to exactly match the existing conditions
  • Draught proofing system is already installed
  • The windows are made keeping in mind the building regulations
  • They can be manufactured in either single or double glazed slashes variety from a variety of timber qualities.

Contact Slash Windows North West
An expert team of professionals guide the customers in the entire process. They also offer beautifully crafted and thermally efficient windows and doors which stay stable for the coming years. Attention to the minutest details is given and excellence is finally reflected. Thee craftsmen have reliability, flexibility, self sufficiency, skills and commitment in addition to years of experience, as their characteristics. The after sales service is commendable and unmatched.

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